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Download Website Updated 21 Mar 2008 Clusterix

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Clusterix is cluster software for Unix. It is intended for use with 2 machines for high availability services. For example, you can have a Web server with 2 nodes, or a database with shared disk. To put more than one service in high availability so that one service stays on one node and the second on the other node, you can simply make 2 installations of Clusterix in 2 different directories on the 2 nodes. When there is a failure of service on one node, the cluster system moves the service to the other node.

Download Website Updated 13 Apr 2007 Coda Distributed File System

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Coda is a distributed filesystem with novel features such as disconnected operation and server replication.

Download Website Updated 21 May 2014 Collax V-Cube+

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Collax V-Cube+ is a HA cluster management suite based on a 64bit Linux system and KVM to provide server virtualization. It offers solutions for single virtualization hosts, as well as high availability management on two or more nodes, allowing embedded HA storage using DRBD and iSCSI. By using live snapshots, automatic live migration, and incremental backups, the availability of virtual machines is increased tremendously in case of hardware and software maintenance or even hardware failures. Virtual network switches and the protocols GVRP, LLDP, and RSTP help to set up a virtual DMZ.

Download Website Updated 22 Apr 2011 ConMan

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ConMan is a serial console management program designed to support a large number of console devices and simultaneous users. It supports local serial devices, remote terminal servers (via the telnet protocol), IPMI Serial-Over-LAN (via FreeIPMI), Unix domain sockets, and external processes (e.g., using Expect to control connections over telnet, ssh, or IPMI Serial-Over-LAN). Its features include logging (and optionally timestamping) console device output to file, connecting to consoles in monitor (R/O) or interactive (R/W) mode, allowing clients to share or steal console write privileges, and broadcasting client output to multiple consoles.

Download Website Updated 11 Sep 2012 Condor

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Condor is a high throughput system, scheduling and providing large amounts of computational power over a long period of time. It provides the efficient use of a large variety of systems, from idle desktop workstations and dedicated clusters to grid systems all over the world, while its incredibly flexible configuration implements and maintains the machine owner's desired policy for the machine's availability.

Download Website Updated 12 Jun 2002 CountYourEuro!

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The idea of CYE (count your Euros) is to collect data on EuroCoins all over Europe, to analyze the flow of Euros. CYE is a client through which you can enter coin data.

Download Website Updated 27 Jun 2001 Cplant

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Cplant (tm) is a collection of code designed with an emphasis on scalability, to provide a full-featured environment for cluster computing on commodity hardware components. Cplant (tm) system software provides a scalable message passing layer, scalable runtime utilities, and scalable debugging support. It is distributed as source code, which can be built for a specific hardware configuration. This consists of operating system code (in the form of Linux modules and driver), application support libraries and compiler tools, an MPI port, user-level runtime utilities, support for application debugging, and scripts for configuring and installing the built software.

Download Website Updated 05 Apr 2011 Crossroads Load Balancer

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Crossroads is a daemon running in user space, and features extensive configurability, polling of back ends using wake up calls, status reporting, many algorithms to select the "right" back end for a request (and user-defined algorithms for very special cases), and much more. Crossroads is service-independent: it is usable for any TCP service, such as HTTP(S), SSH, SMTP, RDP, and database connections. In the case of HTTP balancing, Crossroads can provide session stickiness for back end processes that need sessions, but aren't session-aware of other back ends. Crossroads can be run as a stand-alone daemon or via inetd, and features a management Web interface for monitoring and for modification of parameters.

Download Website Updated 26 Dec 2008 DBReplicator

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DBReplicator is a powerful application for network-based multi-master heterogeneous database replication or filtered synchronization. It supports heterogeneous replication, bi-directional data synchronization between any of the supported database backends, application independence, automatic conflict detection and resolution, a scheduling facility, verbose debugging using Apache log4j, special characters, and automatic table creation.

Download Website Updated 02 Mar 2004 DJFractal

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DJFractal is yet another fractal generator which distributes fractal data to multiple computers. Fractal data are created locally and distributed to other computers that run the appropriate fractal-generation software, which may be hosted on workstations, or on a Java enabled Web-browser through applets, or on a system with JavaCard. DJFractal's unique feature is the "smart" algorithm it uses to compute (and draw) the most interesting part of a fractal first.


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