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No download Website Updated 17 Mar 2004 ircd-hybrid

Pop 82.49
Vit 4.73

ircd-hybrid is a powerful Internet Relay Chat daemon frequently used on the popular EFnet IRC Network.

No download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 ircII

Pop 39.62
Vit 2.61

ircII is the other original popular UNIX IRC client. It has a full screen, termcap-based interface to connect to and communicate via Internet Relay Chat servers.

No download Website Updated 19 Mar 2001 irclog2html.pl

Pop 17.20
Vit 2.07

irclog2html.pl converts your IRC log files into easy-to-read colourised HTML. It features configurable and automagically assigned colours for nicks, join, part, and server messages. irclog2html.pl renders to various simple and complex styles.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 ircspeak

Pop 10.49
Vit 1.43

ircspeak is a little Perl plugin for the sirc and ksirc IRC clients. It works with the Festival speech synthesis system to literally read out loud the chat within a channel. It's useful for getting on with something else whilst waiting for something interesting to happen.

No download Website Updated 07 Jan 2003 ircu

Pop 41.35
Vit 3.46

ircu is Undernet's own version of the standard ircd, offering many enhancements including the P10 protocol, flood protection and code optimizations.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 iroffer

Pop 39.57
Vit 2.03

iroffer is a fileserver for IRC (commonly referred to as a DCC bot). It uses the DCC feature of IRC to send files to other users. iroffer will connect to an IRC server and let people request files from it. iroffer is not a script, it is a standalone executable written in C.

Download Website Updated 15 Aug 2001 irspider

Pop 16.85
Vit 1.00

irspider is a Linux-based IRC smartbot. It is very similar in functionality to a search engine on the Web. irspider goes out and spiders DCC offer bots that are in the same channel as itself, and stores tons of information on what those particular bots are offering. Users are then able to query irspider for matches against its database, or request a masslisting of everything that it knows about.

Download Website Updated 02 Dec 2008 irssi

Pop 233.99
Vit 11.83

Irssi is a modular, terminal-based IRC client with Perl scripting.

Download Website Updated 24 Jun 2002 IrssiBot the IRC bot

Pop 29.60
Vit 3.03

IrssiBot is an IRC bot written in pure Java. It has support for being on multiple IRC networks at once, as well as almost unlimited extendability via a very flexible module API. Compiled Java classes implementing this can be loaded and unloaded at run-time. Due to its multithread model, the memory/CPU strain is very low, and it was written with the end user in mind, and is therefore very easy to install and configure. Configuration and the user files are in XML.

Download Website Updated 13 Jan 2005 IServerd

Pop 69.10
Vit 2.07

IServerd implements the ICQ V3 groupware protocol and supports the V5, V7, and V8 protocols. It is targeted for corporate use and works with the groupware clients from Mirabilis and ICQ99a, ICQ99b, ICQ2000, ICQ2001, ICQ2002, ICQ2003, ICQLite, CenterICQ, Licq, and Micq.


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A object-relational mapper.


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A content management system that excels at community, portal, and Web application sites.