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Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 EveryChat

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EveryChat is a Perl CGI chat script designed to work on any server and under any browser (especially Lynx!). It will take advantage of frames if available. EveryChat is small and simple, making it ultra-easy to install and use. Great for company/tech support chat sites or other chat room sites. Many add-ons and hacks avaiable with an IRC->EveryChat portal currently under development. Recently placed under the GPL. Also Available: EveryChat Server Edition: an EveryChat "server" that includes its own dedicated http daemon. EveryChat-SQL: EveryChat CGI with a user list and SQL backend made to run under mod_perl for maximum speed and stability.

Download Website Updated 25 Jan 2005 Expresso Framework

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Expresso Framework is an open standards-based J2EE architectural framework that allows the developer to concentrate on application logic. It is a library of extensible Java Server application framework components for creating database-driven Web applications based on open standards. Expresso integrates with Apache Jakarta Struts, which emphasizes presentation and application configuration, and bringing a powerful tag library to Expresso. Expresso adds capabilities for security, robust object-relational mapping, background job handling and scheduling, self-tests, logging integration, automated table manipulation, database connection pooling, email connectivity, event notification, error handling, caching, internationalization, XML automation, testing, registration objects, configuration management, workflow, automatic database maintenance, and a JSP tag library.

Download No website Updated 18 Apr 2014 eZ Publish

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eZ Publish is a content management system and development framework. As a content management system (CMS), its most notable feature is its revolutionary, fully customizable, and extendable content model. This is also what makes it suitable as a platform for general Web development. Its stand-alone libraries can be used for cross-platform, database independent PHP projects. eZ Publish is also well suited for news publishing, e-commerce (B2B and B2C), portals, and corporate Web sites, intranets, and extranets. eZ Publish is dual licenced between GPL and the eZ Publish professional licence.

Download Website Updated 21 May 2001 Form to Email Messenger

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Form to Email Messenger (fem.cgi) is a form-to-email program that uses the CGI module and sendmail. It features the abilities to set the field order in the message and have fields sorted in the message, multiple recipients of the message, and the ability to limit the domains that can use the form.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 FormMagick

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FormMagick is a set of Perl modules intended to ease the task of writing multi-page Web forms. It takes a description of the form (fields, validation to perform on each field, etc) in XML format and generates HTML on the fly. Other features include templates for changing the "look and feel" of your forms, and the ability to easily localise your text for other languages.

No download Website Updated 28 Dec 2010 FPSE Clone

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FPSE clone is a Microsoft Frontpage Server Extensions clone. FPSE is should work with nearly any web server, because it is a regular CGI written in perl. It is also more secure than its Microsoft counterpart, because it does not require SUID priviledges.

Download Website Updated 15 Aug 2001 FreeFrameWork

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FreeFrameWork adds robustness features and development environment enhancements to the WebSpeed web application server product from Progress Software. Among its features are proactive database connection checking and reconnection, enhanced logging and security, and compile-on-the-fly HTML. Also included are enhancements to the workshop, with better filetools and a database schema viewer.

No download Website Updated 30 Oct 2001 FutureSQL Web Database Administration Tool

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FutureSQL is a Rapid Application Development web database administration tool written in Perl. FutureSQL allows one to easily setup config files to view, edit, delete and otherwise process records from a MySQL database. It uses a data dictionary, configuration files and html templates, and allows "pre-processing" and "post-processing" on both fields, records and operations. It allows multiple views and operations on a data set, including the use of joined tables for queries and reports. A demo application with most of the features is included.

Download Website Updated 28 Dec 2010 gbook.cgi

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gbook.cgi is a Perl CGI guestbook script. Its features include the ability to allow or deny HTML tags, replacement of German umlauts with the appropriate ISO signs, insertion of BR tags to maintain layout, configurable look and feel, sending emails to the administrator on new messages, and an administration interface.

Download Website Updated 31 May 2003 GeneWeb

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GeneWeb is a system for people who want to publish their genealogy data on the Web. It can also be used locally (not connected on the net) as a normal genealogy program. It uses very efficient techniques of relationship and consanguinity computing, speaks several languages, and can run in conjunction with an existing Web server (CGI) or standalone using its own internal server.


Project Spotlight


A Java framework for building data integration and ETL applications.


Project Spotlight


A fast and versatile remote desktop solution.