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No download Website Updated 14 May 2001 WebUMake Mail

Pop 10.15
Vit 1.00

WebUMake Mail allows for Web-based e-mail with a simple browser interface and a secure, administered environment. It supports unlimited addresses for multiple domains using just a single catchall POP account, and can be integrated with WebUMake Web.

Download Website Updated 16 May 2001 My_cgi simple CGI functions

Pop 9.75
Vit 68.99

My_cgi is the result of some experimentation with embedded Linux (uCLinux) on a usimm platform. The intent is to make a small, compact, and simple set of functions to get user input and provide dynamic HTML content from an embedded HTTP server.

Download Website Updated 28 Dec 2010 AutoTGA

Pop 13.49
Vit 1.75

AutoTGA is a Perl CGI program to scale pictures to customizable sizes and displays them in a thumbnail gallery format. It has the option to create the thumbnails on demand or via a command line program.

Download Website Updated 01 Aug 2001 Perl Site Tools

Pop 10.54
Vit 2.47

The site tools package has classes to support a standard look and feel through templates that support somewhat advanced functionality like object method binding, custom escape/formatting functions, and basic looping and conditionals. It also supports SQL forms with foreign key handling with drop boxes or lists, and multiple field types like checkboxes, text boxes, and text areas. Add/delete/edit functionality is handled by the Form class. Tables can be created in the same way, and support auto-sorting by using hyperlinked headers, and next/prev handling. Both forms and tables can be bound to templates to adjust the look and feel or layout, without losing any functionality.

Download No website Updated 24 Feb 2013 XHTML Family Tree Generator

Pop 153.26
Vit 13.65

XHTML Family Tree Generator is a CGI Perl script together with some Perl modules that will create views of a family tree. Data can be stored in a database or in a data file. The data file is either a simple text (CSV), an Excel, or GEDCOM file listing the family members, parents, and other details. It is possible to show a tree of ancestors and descendants for any person, showing any number of generations. Other facilities are provided for showing email directories, birthday reminders, facehall, and more. It has a simple configuration, makes heavy use of CGI (and other CPAN modules), generates valid XHTML, and has support for Unicode and multiple languages.

Download Website Updated 18 Oct 2001 Quick Template

Pop 10.77
Vit 1.44

Quick Template is a template library intended for use in CGI scripts. The library will be released in 6 versions: Plain Perl, Plain PHP, C version, PHP/C module, Perl/XS version, and C++ version. All of them will support uniform syntax (fully compatible with Xtemplate). The Perl version is the only one that has been released at this stage.

Download Website Updated 24 Aug 2004 PHP SlashHeadlines Class

Pop 8.72
Vit 68.88

PHP SlashHeadlines Class is a class to grab headlines from the XML files offered by Slashdot. Incorporates caching to prevent repeated fetch calls.

Download Website Updated 04 Sep 2002 phpFile

Pop 46.35
Vit 1.49

phpFile is a PHP3 application that allows you to easily include a simple file manager within to your Web site. phpFile's features include browsing, uploading, and deleting files.

Download Website Updated 11 Sep 2004 Simple Form

Pop 30.28
Vit 2.59

Simple Form is a form processor written in Perl. It is designed to be simple, quick, and usable for any form. It emails its results to an admin user, and it is very easy to set up.

Download No website Updated 20 Jun 2001 Kalki Template

Pop 16.31
Vit 1.00

Kalki Template is a special template mechanism to generate dynamic text blocks. It is designed to generate a dynamic website with one <pre> tag, but can used on many other cases.


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