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Download Website Updated 24 Jul 2008 FDMS3-FS

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Vit 2.55

fdmsfs is a FUSE filesystem which can read fostex FDMS-3 volumes. When mounted, the songs (programs) appear as directories and the tracks appear as WAVE files within those directories. This allows songs to be played or mixed-down directly off the disk (e.g. using Audacity). Supported devices: FD-4, FD-8, VF160, and D2424.

Download Website Updated 16 Sep 2007 TheLastRipper

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Vit 2.08

TheLastRipper can save Last.fm streams to MP3s while downloading the album cover, appending ID3v1 tags, and organizing your music by artist/album/track. It will also help you generate playlists from the data available from your Last.fm account. It requires a Last.fm login.

Download Website Updated 13 Sep 2009 klick

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Vit 4.69

klick is an advanced JACK-based metronome, supporting tempo changes, meter changes, and more. It allows you to define complex tempo maps for entire songs or performances.

No download Website Updated 26 May 2008 broadcast using this tool

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Vit 3.50

butt (broadcast using this tool) is an easy-to-use, multi-OS streaming tool. It supports ShoutCast and IceCast. butt runs on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.

Download No website Updated 11 Oct 2007 SCX Tools

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Vit 1.00

SCX Tools is a set of utilities for Skype for Linux. It currently includes a call recorder.

Download Website Updated 29 Sep 2009 Sound-Rec-Ed

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Vit 3.31

Sound-Rec-Ed provides simple GUIs to record and edit sound files, similar to operating a tape-deck. Buttons start and stop recording or break incoming audio into separate files. It can cut sections from audio files or join files. It saves files in WAV, OGG, or MP3 format.

No download Website Updated 16 Mar 2012 Renoise

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Vit 6.56

Renoise is a sophisticated music sequencer and audio processing application. It's an all-in-one music production environment for your personal computer. Based on MOD tracker software, its primary use is the composition of music using samples, (in WAV, AIFF, FLAC, Ogg, and MP3 format), plug-ins, and MIDI/OSC sequencing of VSTi/AudioUnits soft synths.

Download Website Updated 04 Feb 2008 QRadio

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Vit 48.01

QRadio is a Qt GUI for PVR FM radio receivers. It is specifically designed for the Hauppauge PVR-150/500, but should work with others.

Download Website Updated 26 Jul 2009 TVheadend

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Vit 2.26

Tvheadend is a streaming server/relay supporing a variety of sources and multiple output formats. It is primarily intended to be used for receiving TV (DVB, Analog, IPTV) and to transmit it using a number of different output formats to subscribers. Together with powerful DVR (Digital Video Recorder) features, an advanced EPG and a web-interface it can be used as a TV distribution hub.

Download Website Updated 19 May 2008 Free YouTube Downloader

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Vit 2.66

Free YouTube Downloader is a powerful and easy to use application for downloading videos from YouTube. It allows you to extract video files names from the YouTube Web site, perform multiple downloads during one program session, and produce HTML format download reports.


Project Spotlight


A Flickr backup and database system for Macs.


Project Spotlight


A set of tools for a variety of purposes.