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Download Website Updated 01 Dec 2001 Timeration

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Vit 1.00

Meter runs a process, then if it's still going after the specified number of seconds, sends the child a SIGINT and two seconds later a SIGKILL.

Download Website Updated 08 Jan 2012 TinTin++

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Vit 15.97

TinTin++ is a console MUD client for any type of text MUD or BBS. Its main assets are an easy-to-learn scripting language, triggers that can contain regular expressions, and a split screen interface to separate MUD output from client input.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2013 Tiny BASIC for Curses

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Vit 4.41

Tiny BASIC for Curses (tinybc) is a BASIC interpreter for the curses character screen handling library which fully corresponds to the Tiny BASIC specification. The engine is thread-safe and can be embedded into other code. It can be used as a game or a minimalist challenge.

Download Website Updated 14 Jul 2008 Tiny C Compiler

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Vit 4.27

TCC (Tiny C Compiler) is small, fast, unlimited, and safe. You can compile and execute C code everywhere (e.g., on rescue disks). It generates optimized x86 code, and can compile, assemble, and link several times faster than 'gcc -O0'. Any C dynamic library can be used directly. It includes an optional memory and bounds checker, and bounds-checked code can be mixed freely with standard code. C script is also supported--just add '#!/usr/bin/tcc' at the first line of your C source, and execute it directly from the command line.

Download Website Updated 08 Mar 2011 Tiny Calculator

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Vit 42.88

Tiny Calculator is a command line calculator for developers. It can resolve a complex expression mixing decimal, hexadecimal, and binary numbers. The result is automatically converted to decimal, hexadecimal, and binary formats.

No download No website Updated 28 Oct 2012 Tiny Life

Pop 18.84
Vit 2.10

Tiny Life (tlife) is a simple Game of Life implementation designed to work as a filter for the shell, operating solely through standard input and output, with an emphasis on shell integration rather than pretty visuals. It supports customizable output and board sizes, custom rulesets, and random and user-specified seed values for the starting generation.

Download Website Updated 01 Oct 2001 Tiny SRP

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Vit 1.78

The Tiny SRP library is a stripped-down version of srp-1.7.1 and openssl-0.9.6 that contains only what is necessary for secure remote passphrase authentication. No other libraries are required. If you already have libsrp installed on both server and client then you don't need this. Tiny SRP is designed for embedded or mini distributions, and is also a quick and easy way to add secure authentication to small client/server projects. Also included is the TSRP protocol, which reduces socket authentication to one function call on each of the client and server.

Download No website Updated 13 Aug 2009 Tiny XML

Pop 13.71
Vit 42.06

Tiny XML is a small, fast, memory efficient, and embeddable SAX parser for XML. It has no external dependencies, handles start/end tags, text, attribute names, and values, and supports UTF-8.

Download Website Updated 05 Mar 2009 Tiny serial terminal

Pop 62.24
Vit 2.11

Tiny serial terminal is a simple and dumb tool for accessing serial ports. It is mainly intended for accessing serial consoles on various devices.

No download Website Updated 17 Nov 2008 TinyCOBOL

Pop 90.16
Vit 8.07

TinyCOBOL is an effort to bring a free COBOL compiler to Linux. It generates GNU assembler for the i386 Linux platform. A executable binary is then created using the GNU assembler and linker. The project is approaching the first beta release with many statements already implemented.


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