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Download Website Updated 17 Mar 2002 wmseti

Pop 12.17
Vit 1.80

wmseti is a dockapp for WindowMaker that displays the statistics for your current SETI@home work unit. This has been tested with v3.0.3 of the SETI@home client.

Download Website Updated 07 Jan 2004 wmstatfs

Pop 17.92
Vit 1.43

wmstatfs is a Window Maker applet that shows the current file system usage as a tiny diagram, with LEDs blinking on usage increase or decrease, and for mount(3) status.

Download Website Updated 12 Apr 2003 wmstradio

Pop 19.29
Vit 2.25

wmstradio is a dock app that acts as a radio for streamed media. It reads a list of "channels" and allows them to be selected in a radio-like interface. wmstradio launches RealPlayer to connect to the site selected.

Download Website Updated 11 Apr 2007 wmsupermon

Pop 23.96
Vit 1.47

wmsupermon is a universal monitoring dockapp. It can be used to monitor CPU usage, disk I/O, memory usage, swap, filesystems, space utilization, network traffic, wireless link quality, CPU frequency, CPU temperature, fan speed, voltages (without requiring lm_sensors), battery status (with actual, not "reported", discharge rate), traffic from your router, or anything else. It can open and maintain many dockapp windows with one dockapp process.

No download Website Updated 02 Jan 2010 wmsystemtray

Pop 26.38
Vit 40.34

wmsystemtray is a system tray using the freedesktop.org system tray protocol that was implemented as a Window Maker dock app. It has the ability to display more than one dock window to make room for more tray icons, and the ability to scroll through the icons if more are present than will fit.

Download Website Updated 01 Mar 2004 wmsystray

Pop 45.99
Vit 1.42

wmsystray provides a system tray compatible with freedesktop.org's System Tray Protocol specification. Basically, it serves as a system tray that allows other programs to show icons in it. For example, if you enable GAIM's System Tray Icon plugin, wmsystray will display GAIM's systray icon. Its intended use is as a Window Maker dock app, though it will run in other window managers as well.

No download Website Updated 11 Mar 2010 wmudmount

Pop 13.23
Vit 39.48

wmudmount is a Window Maker dockapp that can be used to mount filesystems. It uses udisks to handle notification of new filesystems and mounting of the filesystems as a non-root user. It also includes a mode to display the mounted filesystems with the least free space percentage (similar to wmfsm).

Download Website Updated 15 Dec 2005 wmufo

Pop 18.89
Vit 3.40

Wmufo is a dockable application that monitors and controls multiple SETI@Home clients. It can either display statistics on the current SETI workunit or run an animation of various alpha-blended glowing ball UFOs and a spinning saucer flying back and forth across a starfield.

Download No website Updated 13 May 2007 wmweather

Pop 89.45
Vit 3.54

wmweather displays your current local weather conditions. After supplying a 4-character METAR station identifier code (most major airports have one), it shows station ID, time of the last update, temperature, dew point, pressure, humidity, and wind speed. The various entries can be forced to display in a variety of different units.

Download Website Updated 28 Oct 2003 wmweather+

Pop 60.66
Vit 3.33

wmweather+ will download the National Weather Serivce METAR bulletins, ANV, ETA, and MRF forecasts, and any weather map for display in a WindowMaker dockapp. It includes forecasts, a weather map, and a sky condition display.


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