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Download Website Updated 08 Dec 2013 cm_tools

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Vit 10.04

cm_tools is a collection of commandline utilities that support and extend RCS and related configuration management activity.

Download Website Updated 26 Feb 2004 buildpkg

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Buildpkg is a package build system. It gives you the opportunity to create package system (rpm, dpkg, etc.) independent descriptions (.def) which can be used to create binary packages on every system. It can be also used to track installations and create packages of the installed files. If you want more safety, you can use the 'jail' feature. In this mode a chroot-ed environment will be created from the (configurable) list of programs and the installation will be done here. Besides Linux, Solaris/SunOS, and FreeBSD packages are also supported.

Download Website Updated 15 Dec 2005 MetaBoss

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MetaBoss is an integrated suite of tools for the design, development, and management of enterprise software systems through modelling. It utilises OMG's Model Driven Architecture concepts and is primarily oriented at enterprises using Java based tools and technologies. It encourages serious upfront analysis and design and aims to crystallise the value of it by automating a number of activities in the Software Development Life Cycle.

Download Website Updated 29 Nov 2009 ccbuild

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ccbuild is like a dynamic Makefile. ccbuild finds all programs in the current directory (containing "int main") and builds them. For this, it reads the C++ sources and looks at all local and global includes. All C++ files surrounding local includes are considered objects for the main program. The global includes lead to extra compiler arguments using a configuration file. ccbuild splits these arguments for compilation and linking, keeping the linking arguments back for later use. It should allow development without any scripting and only simple reusable configuration. Deployment and distribution should still be done with other tools. It can create simple Makefiles, A-A-P files, and graph dependencies using DOT (graphviz) graphs.

Download Website Updated 23 Dec 2009 autogen.sh

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autogen.sh (a.k.a. buildconf) provides automatic build system preparation and is generally very useful to projects that use the GNU build system (i.e. the GNU autotools: autoconf, automake, and libtool). It is a POSIX shell script that is used for preparing a build system for compilation, verifying versions, ensuring necessary functionality, and overcoming many common build preparation issues.

No download Website Updated 21 Jun 2005 PHP Application Distribution Licensing System

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The PHP Application Distribution Licensing System (PADL) generates keys that control the distribution of PHP applications according to a license. It generates license strings that can bind PHP applications to specific servers, confine execution to a limited time period, or restrict execution to a single server. The time limiting uses a start period (and a given start offset to allow for time discrepancies) and an expiry date if required. When validating a key it is possible to optionally make applications dial home to check the license key on your own server. It is also possible to encrypt additional information into the license key.

Download Website Updated 10 May 2005 Artefaktur Component Development Kit

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ACDK is a development framework with a similar target of Microsoft's .NET or Sun's ONE platform, but it uses C++ as a core implementation language. It implements the standard library packages, including acdk::lang, acdk::lang::reflect, acdk::util, acdk::io, acdk::text (including regexpr), acdk::net, acdk::sql, acdk::xml, and more. Flexible allocator/garbage collection, threading, and Unicode are implemented in the core of ACDK. Extensions make C++ objects available for reflection, serialization, aspect-oriented class attributes, and [D]ynamic [M] ethod [I]nvocation. This DMI acts as an universal object oriented call interface to connect C++ with scripting languages (Java, Perl, Tcl, Python, Lisp, Visual Basic, and VBScript) and standard component technologies (CORBA and COM).

No download Website Updated 27 May 2007 Heirloom Development Tools

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Vit 3.31

The Heirloom Development Tools provide yacc, lex, m4, make, and SCCS as portable derivatives of the utilities released by Sun as part of OpenSolaris. The OpenSolaris utilities were in turn derived from the original Unix versions, and are assumed be conforming implementations of the POSIX standard.

No download Website Updated 28 Sep 2005 Webcockpit

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Webcockpit is a Web application generator for reporting and monitoring applications. It generates complete JSP-based Web applications which contain charts and tables whose contents are retrieved using database queries. The charts and tables can be configured to link to each other, enabling master detail-like drill-down. You can provide your own HTML or JSP template files which are mixed with the generated JSP to provide a final Web application.

Download Website Updated 19 Nov 2002 single-honeypot

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single-honeypot simulates many services like SMTP, HTTP, POP-3, shell, and FTP. It can show many different faces, including those of Windows FTP systems, Windows SMTP systems, different Linux distributions, and some Posix distributions.


Project Spotlight


A utility to automate shipping of open-source project releases.


Project Spotlight


A non-graphical .NET Project management component which enables .NET applications to read, write, and manage Project documents without utilizing Microsoft Project.