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Download Website Updated 22 Aug 2008 GOBO Eiffel

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Vit 4.17

The Gobo Eiffel Project provides the Eiffel community with free and portable Eiffel tools and libraries.

No download Website Updated 18 Jan 2006 GODI

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Vit 1.51

GODI provides an advanced programming environment for the Objective Caml (O'Caml) language. From INRIA (who created O'Caml) you can get the O'Caml compiler and runtime system, but this is usually not enough to develop applications. You also need libraries, and there are many developers providing them. But it is a lot of work to build and install them. GODI is a system that simplifies this task: It is a framework that automatically builds the O'Caml core system, and additionally installs a growing number of pre-packaged libraries. For a number of reasons, GODI is a source-code based system, and there are no precompiled libraries, but it makes it very simple for everybody to compile them.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 GPI

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Vit 1.00

With GPI you can develop ultra-rapidly a complete networked DB system (client and server size). It is naturally totally platform independant (Java 2), Locale independant (I18N), and may be easily made DB engine-independant.

Download Website Updated 23 Jun 2003 Gconfigure

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Vit 1.42

Gconfigure allows for easier building of programs from sources, letting you merely right-click on a tarball and select "build". Dialogs allow you to set the necessary options, and the program will be installed for you. Gconfigure will also remember what options you entered the last time and reuse them when building the next program.

Download Website Updated 06 Oct 2008 Gem to rpm converter

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Vit 1.91

Gem to rpm converter creates an RPM spec file from a Ruby gem. It uses the gem metadata to fill out most of the information needed for building an RPM containing the gem.

Download Website Updated 14 Jul 2009 Gnasher

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Vit 1.48

Gnasher alleviates developers from having to execute maven builds with the "-o" option (offline) to avoid accessing external repositories' metadata files. The SHA1 hash files and the missing pom metadata files for dependencies are created if they are missing. The next time the build is run, external repositories are not accessed and the build runs faster.

Download Website Updated 28 Mar 2011 Gnome Inform

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Vit 2.78

GNOME Inform 7 is a GNOME port of the Inform 7 IDE for creating interactive fiction or text adventures.

Download Website Updated 13 Sep 2002 GnuPoc

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Vit 1.00

GnuPoc enables the development EPOC applications using alternative operating systems like Linux and other Unices. The following SDKs have been ported to GnuPoc: ER5 (Psion Series5, Psion netbook, etc.), Quartz 6.0, Crystal 6.0 (Nokia 9210, 9290), and Nokia Series 60 (Nokia 7650, etc.).

Download Website Updated 09 Jun 2011 Grand

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Vit 5.46

Grand is a set of tools to create a visual representation of Ant target dependencies. It works by taking an Ant build file and creating a "dot" file. It differs from the existing tools by relying on the Ant API rather than XML parsing to get the dependencies. It includes many advanced features such as filtering or rendering depending on the target's nature.

No download Website Updated 14 Nov 2003 Grid Application Framework for Java

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Vit 1.46

Grid Application Framework for Java (GAF4J) is a lightweight framework that abstracts all grid semantics from the application logic and provides a simpler programming model that lines up smoothly with common Java programming models. It abstracts the details of interfacing with a grid middleware, which is assumed to be the Globus Toolkit, for transferring files to remote nodes, starting remote jobs, and monitoring their execution status. It provides a simpler programming model that enables the development of maintainable Java applications uncluttered with calls to grid services.


Project Spotlight


A utility to automate shipping of open-source project releases.


Project Spotlight


A non-graphical .NET Project management component which enables .NET applications to read, write, and manage Project documents without utilizing Microsoft Project.