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Download Website Updated 24 Aug 2001 ttyload

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Vit 2.00

ttyload is a tty-based utility for monitoring the load averages on a Unix system. It presents 3 graphs, one for each of the 3 common load average numbers (1min, 5min, 15min) that things like uptime normally show you. Each graph is in its own color, and if two or more of the graphs happen to intersect, then the color changes to reflect that.

Download Website Updated 09 Apr 2013 ttyrpld

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Vit 4.68

ttyrpld is a multi-OS kernel-level tty key and screen logger. Recorded sessions can be followed live or replayed at a later time. Supported platforms are Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD.

No download Website Updated 20 Sep 2010 ttyutils

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Vit 4.72

With ttyutils, a user can watch and control a remote user's terminal session, record the terminal session to a file for later playback, or write scripts to automate interactive terminal programs such as FTP.

Download No website Updated 24 Aug 2001 tunnel client

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Vit 1.00

tunnel client is a Perl based script that tries to offer an easier way of building up a tunnel to an IPv6-over-IPv4 tunnelbroker. It's easy to extend it to other tunnelbrokers, without additionally modifing the source code.

Download Website Updated 25 Feb 2012 twin

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Vit 13.15

Twin is a text-mode window environment. It turns a text terminal into a X11-style display with window manager, terminal windows, and can also serve as display for remote applications. Each terminal window provides the functions of a text-mode Linux console. Twin runs on X11, libggi, itself, the Linux console, and any termcap/ncurses-compatible tty. It supports multiple simultaneous displays, and can attach/detach each display on the fly.

Download Website Updated 05 Jun 2010 twittering-mode

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Vit 1.49

Twittering-mode is an Emacs major mode for Twitter. It lets you check timelines, tweet, mark posts as favorites, and so on with Emacs.

Download No website Updated 10 Jun 2003 twocrypt

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Vit 1.44

twocrypt (2c) is a tool for the ultra-paranoid, providing a traditional crypto, but also an option of deniable (subpoena-proof) encryption. It encrypts one or two files at once. Each file can be recovered with its respective passphrase, but the presence of more than one file cannot be demonstrated, and the presence of this option alone should not be a credible argument for data hiding.

Download Website Updated 28 Jun 2001 twutils

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Vit 1.01

twutils is a collection of small utilities for twin (a text mode windowing environment). It currently contains twkalc, a scientific calculator derived from the KDE program kcalc.

Download Website Updated 12 Dec 2006 txt2pdf PRO

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Vit 4.10

txt2pdf PRO is a very flexible and powerfu program that converts files from text to PDF format. It extends txt2pdf with features such as the ability to add form feeds, to skip the first form feed, to set the top and left margins, to use images (JPEGs) in the background, and to create compressed PDFs.

No download No website Updated 11 Feb 2014 txtorcon

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Vit 4.55

txtorcon is a Twisted-based asynchronous Tor control protocol implementation. Twisted is an event-driven networking engine written in Python, and Tor is an onion-routing network designed to improve people’s privacy and security on the Internet. It includes unit-tests with 96%+ coverage, multiple examples, and documentation. There are abstractions to track Tor configuration and state (circuits, streams), launch private instances, support Hidden Service, and more.


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A system optimization tool.


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A C library for handling the (Mozilla) Public Suffix List.