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No download Website Updated 16 Dec 2013 x2x

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Vit 1.16

x2x allows the keyboard and mouse on one ("from") X display to control another ("to") X display.

No download No website Updated 14 Feb 2010 x9wm

Pop 29.09
Vit 39.80

x9wm is a clone or fork of the 9wm and w9wm X window managers. It is a light alternative for the Mac OS X desktop. All of its source code is contained in a single file. It supports an alterate red colored cursor. It is very light on resources, quite fast, very simple, and easy for long programming, editing, or Web work sessions. You can blend it with Nitrogen and Wbar to create a simple but elegant interface without iconic or stylistic clutter. It does not decorate windows with borders, and it is modal, controlled with the mouse.

Download Website Updated 04 Apr 2010 xCover

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Vit 2.28

xCover is a code coverage library for C and C++. It uses non-standard features available with GCC 4.3+ and Visual C++ 7.0+. Users place line-marks in each branch of each function or method in a component's source file, and the library is able to produce, upon request, a report of which of these has not been executed. Reporting can be done on a per-file, per-alias, or per-file-group basis.

No download Website Updated 13 Aug 2010 xTests

Pop 47.83
Vit 6.75

xTests is a small, simple, lightweight, portable unit/component testing library for exercising C and C++ libraries. It relies on no platform-specific or compiler-specific constructs and doesn't require pre-processing of your source code by scripting languages or use macros to create secret classes that use Schwarz counters to register test cases. It relies on you to simply code what you want, and nothing that you don't want.

No download Website Updated 17 Aug 2008 xbasics FireHash

Pop 22.58
Vit 1.00

xbasics FireHash helps test the integrity of any file through the generation of checksums/hashes. It provides a simple, yet effective way for generating cryptographic hashes based on many different standard algorithms, including MD5 and SHA512, among many others.

Download Website Updated 11 Apr 2008 xbaydns

Pop 29.50
Vit 1.00

xbaydns provides a Web management interface for BIND 9. Its user-friendly Web interface is based on the Django framework. It has been tested on many OSes, including FreeBSD, Linux, and MacOS X Leopard. It provides an easy-to-use Web interface for DNS record management while implementing most of the advanced features provided by BIND.

Download Website Updated 24 Nov 2005 xboxproxy

Pop 22.69
Vit 1.47

xboxproxy allows users to bridge two networks forwarding only certain kinds of traffic. It currently supports XBox system links, multicast (used by iTunes), and broadcast forwarding. Its support for the XBox 360 is unknown.

Download Website Updated 12 May 2006 xflat

Pop 46.93
Vit 2.01

eXtended FLAT (XFLAT) is a binary format that supports dynamic shared libraries on MMU-less Linux (uClinux) platforms. XFLAT is a mature suite of development tools including compiler, linker, loader, dynamic loader, and support tools.

No download Website Updated 08 Oct 2004 xmbmon

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Vit 1.83

xmbmon is a monitoring program for motherboards which can monitor the CPU temperatures and the frequency of CPU cooling fans, etc. The package includes "mbmon", which can be used at the commandline to report the temperatures, voltages, and RPM (rounds per minute) of the fans, and "xmbmon", which displays the three temperatures and a core voltage as simple curves.

Download Website Updated 03 Jun 2010 xml-holidays

Pop 44.45
Vit 1.68

xml-holidays introduces an XML document type for expressing international holidays and it also provides actual holiday definitions for many countries.


Project Spotlight


A 3D space shooter and clone of Atari Star Raiders.


Project Spotlight

Client-side Security Exit for DTCC

Send security credentials to DTCC via an MQ exit