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Download No website Updated 20 Jun 2013 cLogger

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cLogger is a PHP class that handles exceptions and logs them to files. It can also email a sysadmin.

Download Website Updated 17 Jun 2013 Spread

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The Spread Toolkit provides tools for developing reliable and robust distributed applications ranging from collaboration tools to fault-tolerant database servers to replicated Web servers. It consists of a daemon which provides multicast messaging, reliability, ordering, and membership services, and a library which applications link with. Spread provides a simple API for writing group applications and is designed to provide high performance for local and wide area networking applications.

No download No website Updated 19 May 2013 WildFox

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WildFox is both its own project in addition to reimagining what Mozilla's Firefox Web browser stood for, years ago: a light-weight, versatile, and efficient Web browser. It's also cross-platform and compatible with Chrome & Firefox plug-ins and addons.

Download Website Updated 12 May 2013 SaVi

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SaVi is satellite visualization software that lets you create, run, examine, and modify satellite orbits in two and three dimensions. Simulations of Iridium, Globalstar, Galileo, GPS, and other satellite constellations are included. SaVi requires Tcl and Tk on a system with Unix libraries. SaVi works well with the 3D renderer Geomview. Geomview is optional, though recommended for its 3D rendering capabilities.

No download Website Updated 16 Apr 2013 pingspray

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pingspray is a tool that generates network traffic for EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) tests. It can generate both random and periodic patterns of data as suggested in some EMC standards. It uses ICMP echo requests (ping) to generate traffic, and when it works as intended, it will generate traffic in both directions.

Download Website Updated 10 Apr 2013 fupids

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fupids (the fuzzy userprofile intrusion detection system) is a user-profile based IDS for the OpenBSD kernel. It modifies certain syscalls in order to detect suspicious behavior. For example, it watches for network devices being set to promiscuous mode, and it watches for the creation of listen() sockets by users. fupids also handles a program profile for your local users, and it can find attackers who overtake existing accounts.

Download Website Updated 07 Apr 2013 amrwb

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amrwb is a shared library wrapper for the 3GPP AMR Adaptive Multi-Rate - Wideband (AMR-WB) Speech Codec (3GPP TS 26.204).

Download Website Updated 07 Apr 2013 amrnb

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amrnb is a shared library wrapper for the 3GPP Adaptive Multi-Rate Floating-point (AMR) Speech Codec (3GPP TS 26.104).

Download Website Updated 02 Apr 2013 sysklogd

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The sysklogd package implements two system log daemons. The syslogd daemon is an enhanced version of the standard Berkeley utility program. It is responsible for providing logging of messages received from programs and facilities on the local host as well as from remote hosts. The klogd daemon listens to kernel message sources and is responsible for prioritizing and processing operating system messages. It can run as a client of syslogd or optionally as a standalone program. Klogd can be used to decode EIP addresses if it can find a System.map file.

Download No website Updated 24 Mar 2013 tnftpd

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tnftpd is a port of the NetBSD FTP server to other systems. It offers many enhancements over the traditional BSD ftpd, including per-class configuration directives via ftpd.conf(5), RFC 2389 and draft-ietf-ftpext-mlst-11 support, IPv6, transfer rate throttling, and more. tnftpd was formerly known as lukemftpd, and earlier versions are present in Mac OS X 10.2 (as ftpd) and FreeBSD 5.0 (as lukemftpd).


Project Spotlight


A Chrome extension that saves images and links to Dropbox and Google Drive.


Project Spotlight

Collax Security Gateway

A Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution for small- and medium-sized businesses.