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Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 Home Library Information Manager

Pop 11.58
Vit 1.41

The Home Library Information Manager (HLIM) is a utility that allows you to track your home library (books, magazines, and CDs) using either barcode scanners or hand entry. Everyone's favorite feline-shaped scanner is supported, as is manual entry from the keyboard. CD title and track information is automatically looked up from the CD Index (http://www.cdindex.org/). Please note that this is alpha in quality and only supports the PostgreSQL database, although any database with commit/rollback support should easily work. Also, documentation is currently thin.

Download Website Updated 24 Nov 2002 htmlcrunch

Pop 23.66
Vit 1.98

htmlcrunch speeds up your HTML pages by removing things that are ignored by browsers anyway, such as superflous blanks, line feeds and comments.

No download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 http_load

Pop 56.62
Vit 1.00

http_load runs multiple HTTP fetches in parallel, to test the throughput of a Web server. However, unlike most such test clients, it runs in a single process, to avoid bogging the client machine down. It can also be configured to do HTTPS fetches.

Download Website Updated 26 Dec 2007 Hugs 98

Pop 53.52
Vit 3.38

Hugs 98 is a functional programming system based on interpreted Haskell 98, the de facto standard for non-strict functional programming languages.

Download Website Updated 16 Jul 2001 Hypersonic SQL

Pop 44.60
Vit 1.47

Hypersonic SQL is an Open Source Java database. It has standard SQL syntax and a JDBC interface.

Download Website Updated 24 Sep 2012 ICCLIB

Pop 50.44
Vit 7.09

ICCLIB implements support for reading and writing of color profile files that conform to the International Color Consortium (ICC) Profile Format Specification, Version 3.4. The ICC Profile Format is a cross-platform device profile format that can be used to translate color data created on one device into another device's native color space. See the profile specification at color.org. In summary ICCLIB provides support for all version 3.4 header elements, Tags, and Tag Types, conversion to/from machine native representation of all data types, user-defined Tags, adding/deleting Tags, Tag type sharing within a file (often used for sharing LUTs amongst intents), reading/writing embedded profiles, a single function for transforming color values through a profile (including support for intents, forward and reverse transforms, gamut lookup or preview lookup), support and code examples for creating all profile types, monochrome, matrix, and Lut, and it loads Tag Types on demand to conserve memory space.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 icmpmonitor

Pop 9.43
Vit 1.43

The icmpmonitor monitors several hosts using the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) "ECHO" facility, and notifies the admin if one of them is down.

Download No website Updated 30 Jan 2001 ID2

Pop 14.70
Vit 1.00

ID2 is a small utility which shows information about given users or groups in the system based on passwd and group structures.

Download No website Updated 30 Jan 2001 ID2 Daemon

Pop 8.19
Vit 1.00

The ID2 Daemon is a server for remote queries of the ID2 utility. It works in a way similar to that of finger, and could be a kind of replacement for it. ID2D shows only information from passwd structures; the ID2 Utility has more built-in functions.

Download Website Updated 10 Jul 2005 id3tool

Pop 57.94
Vit 4.11

id3tool is a command line editor for ID3v1 format tags, commonly used on MP3 files. It runs on Posix and Win32 based systems.


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Web-based firewall log analyzer for netfilter/ipfilter/ipfw/ipchains/cisco/snort /ulogd logs.


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A SFTP plugin for the Total Commander based on PuTTY.