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Download Website Updated 02 Jun 2007 Richie Rich

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Vit 2.58

Richie Rich is an HTML document editor that runs within a Web browser. Unlike other in-line HTML editors, this operates straight on the DOM to avoid incongruities between what is visible in the front end and the HTML that is created in the back end. It supports undo, mouse selection, cursor positioning, and creation of headings, paragraphs, lists, links, bold, italic, and underline.

Download Website Updated 31 Jul 2006 aPAz

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Vit 1.41

aPAz is An ultra-light PHP AnonymiZer. It is intended to be a "Put it anywhere, browse everywhere" application. You can use it on any Web server that uses PHP and allows socket functions.

No download Website Updated 07 Aug 2006 pirate! Javascript Library

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Vit 1.74

The pirate! Javascript Library is a feature rich library and API that allows JavaScript developers to write reusable objects in a controlled environment. It provides namespace separation, controllable object inheritance, and a structured module/package management system, and has an unusual pirate-themed syntax that makes programming fun again.

Download Website Updated 04 Sep 2006 LiveSaver

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Vit 1.75

Ever lost an hour worth of writing an email due to a crashing browser? LiveSaver is a save-as-you-write mechanism for your browser written in Javascript. It saves form input over browser and operation system crashes, power failures, and session timeouts. It is easy to add to any existing Web site. It is particularly useful for blog software, Web mail systems, or any Web site that deals with user input.

Download Website Updated 13 Jan 2008 SRESI

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Vit 9.82

SRESI is a smart bookmark manager. It currently sports both a command-line and a PHP interface. It works with both the standard hierarchical trees and the new and fashionable tagged bookmarks. It was developed as a way to interface both representation systems. SRESI can use Del.icio.us, Mozilla, Opera, and XBEL bookmarks, and handles a few more exports besides. Directories and tags are used equivalently, and the final hierarchies are inferred from actual tag use.

Download Website Updated 20 Jan 2009 Cobra

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Vit 5.31

Cobra is a pure Java HTML DOM parser and renderer. It supports HTML 4, JavaScript, and CSS 2 (with some limitations).

Download Website Updated 11 Dec 2006 ThinWire

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Vit 1.79

ThinWire is a development framework that allows you to easily build applications for the Web that have responsive, expressive, and interactive user interfaces without the complexity of the alternatives. While virtually any Web application can be built with ThinWire, it especially excels at enterprise applications, with its highly interactive and rich user interface components. Using ThinWire to handle the view-layer of your Java EE (J2EE) application can provide better user experience and with shorter development time.

No download Website Updated 08 Oct 2007 Hv3 Web Browser

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Vit 3.79

Hv3 is a Web browser that uses Tkhtml 3 as its rendering engine. It supports almost all CSS 1.0 and some CSS 2.1, HTML (frames and regular documents), tabbed browsing, and many image types. Development is done using Tcl/Tk and C.

Download Website Updated 01 Jul 2009 Danselfduty

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Vit 1.48

Danselfduty allows users to authorize Web browsing by themselves. It first shows a disclaimer GUI, and when the user presses the "accept" button, it saves the domain name into a configuration file and redirects the user's browser to the initially requested URL.

Download Website Updated 16 Feb 2011 Flying Saucer

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Vit 2.51

Flying Saucer is a pure Java XML/CSS 2 renderer whose aim is to provide spec-compliant CSS 2.1 rendering for any well-formed XML document. The current codebase can render to Java2D-based canvases (Swing panels), PDF via the iText library, and images. The library currently covers the greater part of the CSS 2.1 specification.


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A portable SQLite wrapper library for C++.