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No download Website Updated 13 Dec 2009 kuhn_munkres

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Vit 40.33

The Hungarian algorithm solves the assignment problem. It was developed by Harold Kuhn and reworked by James Munkres, and so it is also known as the Kuhn-Munkres algorithm. Kuhn-Munkres is used inside assignment problem solver applications. An instance generator application creates an input file for the solver. A checker application verifies the solution computed by the solver. A bash script compiles and executes these apps.

Download No website Updated 26 Dec 2009 iso2repo

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Vit 40.17

iso2repo is a script that mounts Debian ISO images and adds them to sources.list as a repository, configures apt to allow unauthenticated packages, and runs apt-get -s update.

No download No website Updated 14 Jan 2010 Bash-Toolbox

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Vit 39.93

Bash-Toolbox is a set of functions, applications, and instructions that help develop script applications in Bash.

Download No website Updated 02 May 2014 IPCop Firewall

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Vit 39.65

IPCop Linux is a complete Linux distribution whose sole purpose is to protect the networks on which it is installed.

No download Website Updated 04 Mar 2010 OpenVPN Web Certificate Manager

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Vit 39.31

OpenVPN Web Certificate Manager is a configuration, certification, and management tool for OpenVPN using a Web-based interface. It shows the status of multiple OpenVPN servers running on the same system; for each, it shows the VPN connections and OpenVPN/OpenSSL configuration. Moreover, it provides client certificate management.

Download Website Updated 23 Nov 2011 Catxdoc

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Vit 39.21

Catxdoc is a bash script to extract plain text (in UTF-8) from .docx files to stdout (in one line). The requirements other than bash are the "file", "unzip", and "sed" commands.

Download No website Updated 18 Apr 2010 iptables country block

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Vit 38.74

iptables country block is a bash script to block traffic from specific countries using iptables and the IPInfoDB API.

No download No website Updated 01 May 2010 zabbix-updater

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Vit 38.57

Zabbix-updater is a tool for automatically updating ZABBIX agents. It is ideal for sites with many computers.

No download No website Updated 17 May 2010 ColorLogs

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Vit 38.51

ColorLogs is an output-colorizing Perl script intended to have command output piped through it to a terminal. It allows easy creation of new highlighting configurations using simple text matches, globs, or regular expressions. It works transparently even in interactive contexts with scripts that produce prompt lines and wait for user input. Patterns are provided for Ant and Maven output. This version started as a fork of v1.1 from resentment.org, but numerous improvements have been made since then.

Download Website Updated 24 May 2010 Jax Remote Control and Deskshot Tool

Pop 28.98
Vit 38.36

Jax Remote Control lets you send commands to a remote host, which executes them immediately. Jax Remote Deskshot takes screenshots, either one time only or observing a screen over time, and uploads them via FTP or SSH.


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Cellular Explorer

A flexible cellular automaton editor.


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Usermin For Webmail

A modified version of Usermin just for IMAP Web mail.