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Download No website Updated 17 Feb 2006 TSM Report

Pop 28.28
Vit 54.97

Tivoli Storage Manager Report is a simple script for displaying a human-readable report of backup tasks.

No download Website Updated 27 Jul 2006 Internet Access Managment

Pop 11.18
Vit 53.50

NetAccess is a system for managing the Internet connections for the clients of a small ISP, the computers of a school, the staff of an office, etc. It is made up of a Linux system that is configured to be gateway/router for a LAN of client computers. The configuration of this gateway box is done by some network scripts, and it can be managed through a Web application that is installed in it. The administrator can also use this Web application to allow or disallow the clients to access the Internet.

Download Website Updated 07 Aug 2006 Ultimate System Tool

Pop 11.36
Vit 53.39

Ultimate System Tool is a console-based Yast- like clone for Debian-based Linux systems. It is helpful for commonly-used system administration tasks.

Download Website Updated 06 Oct 2006 pmpkg-config

Pop 10.25
Vit 52.83

pmpkg-config is a Bourne shell script that mimics the behavior of pkg-config.

No download Website Updated 13 Oct 2006 UNIforge

Pop 16.31
Vit 52.76

UNIforge is a Web-based software hosting system that supports collaborative development. Its features include issue tracking, version control via Subversion or CVS, and mailing lists. It is possible to host projects and assign members to these projects, with full control over their permissions. A plugin system allows easy writing of extensions for UNIforge.

No download Website Updated 16 Oct 2006 Lua Bash

Pop 48.89
Vit 52.73

Lua Bash is a bridge between GNU bash and the Lua scripting language. It allows replacing hot and complex code paths that formerly would be written in awk, sed, or even Perl with run-time efficient Lua code. It was developed and is used in the T2 SDE to accelerate code fragments that became too slow over the years.

Download Website Updated 28 Oct 2006 code2tags

Pop 16.97
Vit 52.62

code2tags is a project documenting tool. It generates an HTML version of the entire project directory and puts a navigation frame for browsing each file. It works with many formats like XML, JSP, properties, PHP, and many more.

Download Website Updated 27 Feb 2007 vpn-shaper

Pop 16.16
Vit 51.44

vpn-shaper is a dynamic traffic shaper for openvpn, poptop, and similar programs, using iproute2. It allows shaping of traffic between many users conected to one server, and it supports different prioritiy schemes for different users and different types of traffic. Trafic shaping uses the HTB qdisc. Prioritization uses l7-filter and ipp2p and some of the patch-o-matic extensions. Classification of trafic in HTB classes is done by using the IPMARC patch-o-matic extension. vpn-shaper requires the IPMARK patch-o-matic extension, connmark iptables match, and HTB qdisc.

Download Website Updated 22 Mar 2007 Oracle online (hot) backup script

Pop 30.59
Vit 51.22

Oracle online (hot) backup script is a multi-platform, storage independent, safe, and flexible online physical backup script for Oracle databases (of any version). It features database checks before backup; dynamic backup of instance datafiles, archives, and configuration files; extensive error detection over all steps involved in the process; a clean and easy-to-read log with timestamps for each step; detailed error messages for troubleshooting; and more.

No download Website Updated 19 Aug 2007 Swan

Pop 15.97
Vit 49.73

Swan is a bandwidth manager and Internet gateway that effectively controls and manages the collective bandwidth of an organization. As an Internet gateway it includes a transparent proxy, caching engine, access control lists, caching DNS server, logging and monitoring tools, an authentication mechanism, bandwidth clubbing, and policy management. It is ideal for ISPs, corporations, schools, colleges, etc. Both GUI and console-based interfaces are available for controlling the software. Installation is through a bootable CD that automatically formats the system.


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Cellular Explorer

A flexible cellular automaton editor.


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Usermin For Webmail

A modified version of Usermin just for IMAP Web mail.