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Download Website Updated 21 Jun 2003 pybackup

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Vit 1.42

pybackup is a Python program that performs backups by compression files before creating tar archives, which offers better protection against faulty backup media than compressing the entire archive.

Download Website Updated 23 Oct 2010 pybag

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PYBAG implements a portable bag and is intended for fast synchronization and backup. It lets you use a portable digital storage device to carry your electronic documents similar to the way you can use a bag to carry paper documents. You can synchronize the bag with your original files easily. If a synchronization conflict occurs, it will be reported. You can specify rules for automatic conflict resolution. With PYBAG, you can backup files and synchronize any changes made to the original files with the bag. The synchronization process will only copy changed files. The program is cross-platform and independent from the OS and filesystem. You may easily synchronize files between Windows and Linux, for example. Symbolic links are supported on all systems (if the OS or filesystem does not support symlinks, then they are emulated). This program has a GUI and a command line interface.

Download Website Updated 19 Dec 2006 rPath Appliance Agent

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The rPath Appliance Agent (rAA) is an extensible application framework for the administration of appliance devices through a Web-based user interface. The framework is comprised of individual component plugins which offer specialized functionality, such as a message log interface, user account preferences, system updates, and entitlement management capabilities. You can also develop and add plugins to the rAA framework, extending capabilities and functionality for your specific requirements.

No download Website Updated 09 Aug 2005 ra-suite

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ra-suite (Reliable Archive Suite) is a set of programs for preparing robust archives of data to be stored on unreliable media (e.g. CD-Rs). It uses parity data like a RAID and checksums to verify data integrity and reconstruct data in corrupted files.

Download Website Updated 04 Mar 2009 rdiff-backup

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rdiff-backup backs up one directory to another. The target directory ends up a copy of the source directory, but extra reverse diffs are stored in a special directory so you can still recover files lost some time ago. The idea is to combine the best features of a mirror and an incremental backup. rdiff-backup can also operate in a bandwidth- efficient manner over a pipe, like rsync. Thus you can use rdiff-backup and ssh to securely back up to a remote location, and only the differences will be transmitted. It can also handle symlinks, device files, permissions, ownership, etc., so it can be used on the entire file system.

Download Website Updated 21 Feb 2005 rdiff-backup-web

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rdiff-backup-web is a PHP-based front-end to simplify the scheduling and restoring of backups using rdiff-backup. Backup settings are stored in a MySQL database. A Perl script is provided to use as a cron-job.

Download Website Updated 05 Mar 2008 rdiffWeb

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rdiffWeb is a Web interface for browsing and restoring from rdiff-backup repositories. Restoring folders is supported, as is restoring older revisions of files. An RSS feed is available for backup status.

Download Website Updated 19 Feb 2012 rdup

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rdup is a utility inspired by rsync and the Plan9 way of doing backups. rdup itself does not backup anything; it only prints a list of the names of files that have changed since the last backup. It also handles files that are removed, allowing for correct incremental backups. Auxilary script that implement a backup strategy are included.

Download No website Updated 14 Mar 2002 recover

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Vit 3.86

recover automates some steps as described in the Ext2fs-Undeletion-howto in order to recover a lost file. This utility will greatly increase your file recover rate. People who do not know how to undelete a file are encouraged to use this utility.

No download Website Updated 30 Aug 2005 restore CD/DVD

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restore CD/DVD allows you to create a CD or DVD that can be used to backup whole hard disk partitions from any OS and restore them without user interaction. These can be used in a manner similar to vendor-provided rescue CDs included with new computers, but with all your own settings.


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An advanced GUI designer for Java Swing user interfaces.