10 projects tagged "assembler"

Download Website Updated 21 May 2014 OpenSIPS

Pop 302.65
Vit 67.82

OpenSIPS is a mature implementation of a SIP server/proxy. It is more than a SIP proxy/router, as it includes application-level functionalities. OpenSIPS, as a SIP server, can server as the core component of any SIP-based VoIP solution.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2012 Milos RTOS

Pop 62.10
Vit 2.35

Milos is a modular, portable, real-time operating system for embedded systems running on small microprocessors like the ARM Cortex M3.

Download No website Updated 14 Dec 2011 DeforaOS asm

Pop 45.65
Vit 1.04

DeforaOS asm is a modular assembler and disassember framework with support for many architectures (including IA-32, amd64, sparc, and arm), bytecodes (such as Java and Dalvik), and file formats (like ELF, PE, and Dex).

No download No website Updated 04 Jun 2012 naken430asm

Pop 38.37
Vit 5.82

naken430asm provides a development kit for the Texas Instruments MSP430 line of microcontrollers. It currently includes a cross-platform command-line assembler, disassembler, and simulator with no external dependencies.

No download Website Updated 29 Mar 2010 Atomthreads

Pop 34.99
Vit 1.02

Atomthreads is a highly portable RTOS and scheduler for real time embedded systems. Made up of a few small C files, it can easily be dropped into any embedded system project that needs threading support. Ports to new CPU architectures require a single assembler file.

No download No website Updated 10 Sep 2013 RAVM

Pop 34.15
Vit 16.13

RAVM is a fast virtual machine coded mainly in x86 assembly. It has 256 registers that are 32-bits each, and it uses 32-bit instructions. On a 2.4 GHz Intel CPU it can execute nearly 400 MIPS with bounds checking on memory accesses. An assembler is provided.

Download Website Updated 05 Sep 2012 KCPSM3 Assembler

Pop 23.52
Vit 25.15

KCPSM3 Assembler is an alternative implementation of the KCPSM3 assembly language for Xilinx PicoBlaze written in portable C. Its main target is the Linux OS.

No download No website Updated 06 Aug 2013 MandelQt

Pop 19.05
Vit 17.20

MandelQt produces many different Mandelbrot and other iterative functions graphically. It can zoom in and out, save and print images, animate colors, and more.

No download No website Updated 23 Feb 2010 prefix-hc11

Pop 18.60
Vit 39.44

prefix-hc11 is an experimental assembler for HC11 microcontrollers. It exclusively uses a prefix notation in expressions and has a mnemonic syntax different to historical HC11 assemblers.

No download Website Updated 30 Sep 2009 CPU-Z80-Assembler

Pop 16.61
Vit 1.00

CPU-Z80-Assembler implements Z80 assembler and macro systems. It compiles assembler files into object files.


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Web-based firewall log analyzer for netfilter/ipfilter/ipfw/ipchains/cisco/snort /ulogd logs.


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PHP Email address validation component

PHP class to verify if a e-mail address is valid.