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No download Website Updated 18 Oct 2006 Raiden

Pop 12.88
Vit 52.71

Raiden is an extremely lightweight and fast block cipher, developed using genetic programming. Its aims are to be simple enough to be remembered by heart and to be compact, highly portable, and light enough to be implemented in resource constrained environments. It was developed with the intention of being an alternative to TEA, with the same speed and without any of its known weaknesses.

No download Website Updated 20 Nov 2001 PennAspect

Pop 12.57
Vit 67.61

PennAspect is a software implementation of the two-way aspect model, which is a latent class statistical mixture model for performing soft clustering of co-occurrence data observations. It acts on data such as document/word pairs (words occurring in documents) or movie/people pairs (people see certain movies) to produce their joint distribution estimate. The distribution is packaged as Java source and class files.

No download Website Updated 20 May 2007 PyGEP

Pop 12.49
Vit 2.25

PyGEP is a simple library suitable for academic study of GEP (gene expression programming) in Python, aiming for ease of use and rapid implementation. It provides standard multigenic chromosomes; a population class using elitism and fitness scaling for selection; mutation, crossover, and transposition operators; and some standard GEP functions and linkers.

No download Website Updated 15 Jul 2003 dione

Pop 12.41
Vit 1.00

dione is a Genetic Programming framework written in Python. It takes advantage of Python's internal compiler to make things simple, and includes basic genetic operations (rank/roulette selection, crossover, mutation, steady state, elitistm, etc.).

No download Website Updated 30 May 2008 Breeze

Pop 12.29
Vit 46.79

Breeze a multiple class model neural network development system. The architecture is based on the standard three-tier model/view/controller, in addition to a multi-threaded circuit switch command structure, with full application logging and internal trace routines. Network models include Online Backpropagation and Radial Basis Function Networks, for time series prediction.

No download Website Updated 06 Feb 2009 Evolving Games for Unnatural Intelligence

Pop 12.00
Vit 44.01

Evolving Games for Unnatural Intelligence is a Java package for unsupervised machine learning based on Evolutionary Game Theory on directed graphs. It is able to segment data without any previuos information on the number of segments. It has no GUI, but implements generalizations of the original method proposed by Li, Chen, He and Jiang in the arxiv paper "A Novel Clustering Algorithm Based Upon Games on Evolving Network", published on 30 Dec 2008.

No download Website Updated 27 Feb 2004 Transport Planner

Pop 11.58
Vit 61.18

(Multi-Agent) Transport Planner is a dynamic single agent transport planner for vehicle routing problems and dial-a-ride problems. These problems occur in every public transport and transportation company, but although some older algorithms can be found in the literature, a good implementation has never been published. It uses a (very quick) standard insertion technique to insert orders one by one into a set of routes.

Download Website Updated 17 Mar 2008 Free Logic Form

Pop 11.09
Vit 1.00

Free Logic Form is a system for generating logic forms of English sentences. . It works by postprocessing the output of the Enju predicate parser.

Download Website Updated 08 Feb 2002 The RoboCup Soccer Simulator

Pop 11.00
Vit 1.00

The RoboCup Soccer Simulator is a platform for evaluating multiple autonomous intelligent agents in a realworld-like domain. The simulator allows two teams of 11 players and one coach to interact in a simulated game of soccer. The team members connect to the simulator using UDP sockets and must perform complex behaviors using only a few basic commands, primarily dash, kick, turn, and catch, based on noisy and infrequent sensor information provided by the simulator. This simulator is used in the simulation league of the RoboCup competition.

No download Website Updated 13 Nov 2006 The horn++ library

Pop 10.86
Vit 52.46

The horn++ library allows you to solve logical expressions in C++. The expressions must be transformed to horn clauses, which can be written as C++ expressions. The solver uses backtracking to find a solution for the logical problem.


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