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No download No website Updated 10 May 2010 JEFF

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JEFF is an explanation facility framework written in Java. Explanation facilities date from the era of expert systems (ES), where they were used in order to provide an explanation about the inference process. The explanation they provided was supposed to clarify how the ES reached its conclusions or why it asked some question during fact acquisition. Nowadays, traditional ES development environments ("shells") have been replaced by rule engines (RE) and business rule management systems (BRMS), which seem to lack explanation facility functionality. JEFF was created in order to remedy this.

No download Website Updated 24 Jan 2003 JEOS/DEVS

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DEVS has been developed for over a year to serve as an experimental framework for natural systems modeling techniques. It enables discrete event, general purpose, object oriented, component based, GIS connected, and collaborative visual simulation model development and execution. The sample model implementation shows that this experimental environment can be used for solving any complex problems solvable by discrete-event simulation, but it is especially suited for natural system simulation. Currently only hierarchical block and cellular models are modeled and simulated, but a multi-layered modeling paradigm for spatially distributed systems (with vector and cellular models) will eventually be implemented in the environment.

Download Website Updated 27 Oct 2005 JFDraw

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JFDraw is a Java vector graphics drawing application and library package. It is focused on vector graph drawing field. It is useful for mechanical, electronic, architectural graph drawing applications, or even business process or workflow graphs.

Download Website Updated 11 Oct 2005 JFSOM

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JFSOM (Java framework for self organising maps) is a Java framework which allows you to create, use and display self organising maps (som). The framework is able to create maps of any size and to train them with an existing training algorithm. If needed, you can also implement and use your own training algorithm. In addition, the trained soms can be displayed in different ways, like displaying the numbers of the weights or the average distances of them.

Download Website Updated 03 Feb 2009 JGAP

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JGAP (pronounced "jay-gap") is a genetic algorithms package written in Java. It is designed to require minimum effort to use "out of the box", but is highly modular and allows custom components to be easily plugged in by the more adventurous.

Download Website Updated 23 Mar 2006 Java Neural Network Trainer

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Java Neural Network Trainer is a neural network trainer with the ability to easily add new training algorithms and training patterns. It includes a parallel training graphical interface where you can view each trainer working in real-time in parallel.

No download Website Updated 16 Feb 2009 Jenes

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Jenes is an optimized Java library for genetic algorithms and metaheuristics. The internal architecture of Jenes allows the memory requirements and the overhead required for evolving an algorithm to be reduced.

No download Website Updated 11 Nov 2008 Jess

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Jess is a fast, light rule engine and scripting environment written entirely in Java. You can build Java software that has the capacity to "reason" using knowledge you supply in the form of declarative rules. It is supplied as a programmer's library, making it ideal for embedding in larger applications. Jess includes development tools built on the Eclipse platform. It is free for academic use and can be licensed for commercial use.

No download Website Updated 18 Jan 2007 Joone

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Joone (Java Object Oriented Neural Engine) is an artificial neural network Java framework. It is used to build and train neural networks with a powerful visual environment. It has a modular design and can be easily extended by writing new modules to implement new learning algorithms or architectures.

Download Website Updated 06 Feb 2009 Joshua

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Joshua is a chess robot. It is a stepper motor robot that interfaces with a photosensible board and a computer to play chess with an embedded artificail intelligence, a game database, or a player on the Internet. The package includes software, robot photos, technical papers, schematics, and cabling instructions.


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A domain name server.


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A process supervision suite and init replacement.