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Download Website Updated 09 Nov 2007 duckmaze

Pop 19.90
Vit 1.51

duckmaze is a game about a duck that is in a maze. The duck can move walls, but only if there are no walls in the way.

Download Website Updated 23 Sep 2007 Galcon

Pop 43.62
Vit 2.79

Galcon is an awesome high-paced multi-player galactic action-strategy game. In the game you send swarms of ships from planet to planet to take over the galaxy. It's like arcade action Risk with planets! Anyone can play, and it only takes 30 seconds to learn. Multi-player network games support up to 12 players with teams, and 15 different single player missions against 7 different computer players are provided.

No download Website Updated 15 Dec 2006 Nuts & Scrap

Pop 9.43
Vit 52.16

Nuts & Scrap is a platform arcade game with some touches of a graphical adventure title. It features two fearless robots whose mission is to save the human race, which is endangered by an evil doctor trying to take over the world. The game sports fun 3D pre-rendered graphics and a spectacular sound track. It has won a prize from the "Art Futura & Sony Playstation" game development contests.

Download Website Updated 23 Jan 2007 Battle Just Started

Pop 47.37
Vit 1.75

Battle Just Started is 3D arcade tank battle game. Rendering is done using OpenGL, and direct rendering is recommended. The game is focused on multiplayer over LAN. An AI is also present, but is not very strong. World simulation is done via ODE, and sound is done using OpenAL and SDL_mixer. The game has currently 6 maps, 5 tanks, and 4 weapons.

Download Website Updated 23 Nov 2006 FizzBall

Pop 14.25
Vit 1.00

Why has everyone fled the islands? There's not a person in sight! Who will feed the animals and find out what scared the people away? Professor Fizzwizzle, of course! FizzBall lets you bounce bubbles, rescue hungry animals, and solve a mystery!

Download Website Updated 22 Nov 2006 Bomberman for Java

Pop 21.91
Vit 1.00

Bomberman for Java is an original 2D "5 player on one computer" (2 keyboard, 1 mouse, and 2 joystick players) Bomberman game. It focuses on gameplay and features rather than on graphics. Features include a level editor, dynamic key configuration, bomb kicker, bomb stopper, remote bombs, bomb stripper, revenge bombs, portals, rolling floor, flame mirrors, farting items, 10 diseases, adjustable items and disease probabilities, player names, an advanced scoring scheme, adjustable lifetime durations, etc.

Download Website Updated 20 Dec 2006 mop(e)snake

Pop 14.00
Vit 2.01

mop(e) snake is a classic snake game which pits you against all the pain in the world. It runs on Linux, Windows, and GP2X. You can try its innovative one-finger control method or stick with a more traditional style of play.

Download Website Updated 28 Apr 2010 Deliantra MORPG Client

Pop 58.92
Vit 7.32

Deliantra is a client for Deliantra game servers. It offers an intuitive user interface for exploring the vast game world, a persistent minimap, powerful macros and keymaps, dialog-based NPC interaction, and easy configuration for the skill, spell, and item system. It is based on Perl, SDL, and OpenGL for high performance on modern systems, and works on both Unix and Windows. Ports to other platforms should be very easy and are underway.

Download Website Updated 30 Oct 2006 Balder2D

Pop 11.70
Vit 1.00

In Balder2D, players control small probes that shoot tiny projectiles with which they try to destroy each other. It features a 2D overhead view of the playing field. Probes may be human or computer controlled. A probe can perform the following actions: rotate, fire projectiles, "stick" to a wall, and push off of a wall. Players may rotate their probes while in flight, but the only way to change the direction or speed of flight is by firing projectiles, which gives a small kick in the opposite direction, or by running into walls or other probes.

Download Website Updated 06 Feb 2008 X-Moto

Pop 38.60
Vit 1.55

X-Moto is a challenging 2D motocross platform game, where physics play an all-important role in the gameplay. You need to control your bike to its limit if you want to have a chance finishing the more difficult challenges.


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