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Download Website Updated 11 Nov 2002 asq

Pop 30.98
Vit 1.42

asq is a simple frontend for MAME/emulator cabinets. It runs in a terminal window using curses, and pops up an optional screenshot window. It uses MAME/emulator keybindings so you can control your MAME cabinet using just your MAME controls. (In fact, this is where the name comes from--player 2 buttons 1, 2, and 3 are "asq".) It can also remap your games to use MAME keys. asq is meant for people who don't want to use a keyboard and have lots of games to manage.

No download Website Updated 07 Nov 2002 mutant storm

Pop 24.10
Vit 1.00

Mutant Storm is inspired by RoboTron, Smash TV and Jeff Minter's Llamatron. It has separate move and shoot controls, allowing the player to run away and still fire back at the pursuing hordes. Set in over 89 levels of psychedelic 3D environments, getting ever more crowded with nasty beasties, all generated in a state of the art game engine, Mutant Storm is for gamers who want pure action.

No download Website Updated 29 Apr 2003 Genuts Snake

Pop 19.80
Vit 2.04

Genuts Snake is a remake of the popular classic snake game. Eat as many mice as possible, Don't hit the walls, and don't bite your tail. Genuts Snake uses the Genuts Framework.

Download Website Updated 17 Jan 2003 Grande

Pop 30.89
Vit 1.43

Grande is a "ZANAC"-esque 2D scrolling shooting game. Enemies must be attacked with a variety of weapons.

Download Website Updated 11 Nov 2002 Cycles3D

Pop 20.78
Vit 1.00

Cycles3D is an action-arcade simulation where you drive a futuristic motorcycle that leaves a wall trail, and you must coax opponent motorcycles into hitting your wall.

Download Website Updated 25 May 2007 Trackballs

Pop 118.11
Vit 5.73

Trackballs is a simple game similar to the classic game Marble Madness. By steering a marble through a track filled with vicious hammers, pools of acid, and other obstacles the player collects points. When the ball reaches the destination, the player continue to the next, more difficult track - unless, of course, time runs out first.

Download Website Updated 25 May 2006 GPL Arcade Volleyball

Pop 39.95
Vit 3.60

GAV (GPL Arcade Volleyball) is an object-oriented multi-platform Arcade Volleyball clone. It supports multiplayer and theme customization.

Download Website Updated 10 Apr 2006 Kamikaze

Pop 35.67
Vit 2.66

Similar to other Bomberman-like games, Kamikaze lets the player place bombs to get rid of the enemies. Several levels and themes are supported.

Download Website Updated 22 Apr 2003 VGATron

Pop 19.52
Vit 2.49

VGATron is yet another clone of the well-known game called "Tron". It uses svgalib and is a two-player game.

Download Website Updated 06 Feb 2003 sNibbles

Pop 11.49
Vit 1.01

sNibbles is a platform independent Snake/Nibbles game.


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