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No download Website Updated 20 Jan 2005 TimeIndexing

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Vit 1.00

The Time Indexing system provides a flexible framework for building time-based applications and processes. It provides a consistent and coherent mechanism for doing flexible and precise time-based selection and processing. Applications for time-indexing can be as diverse as audio and video selection and processing, server log file maintenance and management, financial time-series processing, or sensor data storage and processing.

Download Website Updated 23 Feb 2009 DBD::Sybase

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Vit 2.30

DBD::Sybase is a Perl module that works with the DBI module to provide access to Sybase databases.

Download Website Updated 27 Jan 2005 SQL::Preproc

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Vit 1.00

SQL::Preproc is a Perl source filter that translates embedded SQL statements into DBI calls (similar to the various embedded SQL preprocessors available for COBOL, C/C++, Java, etc.).

No download Website Updated 15 Jul 2006 Simple C++ ODBC Database API

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Vit 3.08

The SimpleDB API is a C++ API designed to encapsulate the ODBC API functionality in an object oriented manner.

No download Website Updated 31 Jan 2005 Morph

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Vit 58.51

Morph is a Java framework that eases the internal interoperability of an application. As information flows through an application, it undergoes multiple transformations. Morph provides a standard way to implement these transformations. In addition to providing a framework for performing transformations, Morph provides implementations of many common transformations. It has been built from the ground up for flexibility and extensibility, and it integrates seamlessly with dependency injection frameworks such as Spring, PicoContainer, and Hivemind.

Download Website Updated 20 Nov 2007 Yada

Pop 45.18
Vit 3.58

Yada is a C library that abstracts SQL databases, aiming at allowing transparent use of multiple database types. To accomplish this, it uses a compitability layer of functions to bind input and output variables, prepare statements, and retrieve data. Its functionality and concept are somewhat like Perl's DBI, but hopefully somewhat improved.

Download Website Updated 15 Jun 2005 Axamol SQL Library

Pop 34.19
Vit 2.28

Axamol SQL Library executes SQL statements stored in external library files from Java code, with named parameters. Separating SQL and Java code increases readability, eases maintenance, and allows separate testing and documentation.

Download No website Updated 15 Feb 2005 SQLite3/Ruby

Pop 36.18
Vit 1.42

SQLite3/Ruby is a set of bindings that allow Ruby programs to create and interact with SQLite3 databases. It includes support for transactions, bind parameters, type translation, batch processing of statements, and more.

No download Website Updated 07 Feb 2005 XMLSQL

Pop 28.98
Vit 1.00

XMLSQL is a Perl package that queries an SQL database and returns the result as an XML string.

Download Website Updated 09 Aug 2006 Ruby/LDAP

Pop 38.79
Vit 3.27

Ruby/LDAP is an extension module for Ruby that provides the interface to LDAP libraries such as OpenLDAP, UMich LDAP, Netscape SDK, and Active Directory. It supports libraries that comply with the common API for application development described in RFC1823.


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A fully configurable, open, and easy extendable HMI/SCADA application.


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A command-line network analysis workbench.