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No download Website Updated 09 Sep 2006 BeanForm

Pop 9.49
Vit 53.27

BeanForm is a Tapestry 4 component that eliminates the boilerplate code necessary to build a pojo edit form, using bean introspection to dynamically build these forms. It includes extra Java Persistence API (EJB3) and Hibernate Validator support for those who need it.

No download Website Updated 14 Aug 2007 Sanselan

Pop 26.21
Vit 1.51

Sanselan is a Java image library that includes support for GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and JPEG images. It can extract, parse, and apply ICC Profiles and reads and writes images (except JPEG).

Download No website Updated 09 Sep 2006 hftp

Pop 13.42
Vit 1.00

hftp is an extended FTP client supporting standard FTP client scripts and interactive use. Although initially sparked by limitations in Microsoft's FTP client implementation, it is multi-platform and battle-tested in real-world daily use.

Download Website Updated 08 Dec 2008 nmaven

Pop 19.67
Vit 4.44

NMaven provides Maven plugins to support the building of .NET applications.

No download Website Updated 19 Jul 2012 BitNami MAMPStack

Pop 84.21
Vit 7.82

BitNami MAMPStack Native Installer is an easy-to-install environment to develop and deploy PHP applications. It includes pre-configured, ready-to-run versions of Apache, MySQL, PHP, and phpMyAdmin. Amazon AWS PHP SDK makes it easier to develop PHP applications that run on Amazon Web Services. The AWS PHP SDK includes the AWS PHP library, code samples, and documentation.

No download Website Updated 11 Feb 2007 Dozer

Pop 13.08
Vit 1.46

Dozer is a powerful, yet simple Java Bean to Java Bean mapper that recursively copies data from one object to another. Typically, these Java Beans will be of different complex types. Dozer supports simple property mapping, complex type mapping, bi-directional mapping, implicit-explicit mapping, as well as recursive mapping. This includes mapping collection attributes that also need mapping at the element level. It not only supports mapping between attribute names, but also conversion between types. Many conversion scenarios are supported out of the box, but custom conversions can be specified via XML.

No download Website Updated 29 Aug 2006 Testar

Pop 17.66
Vit 1.00

Testar is a tool that reduces testing time for large Java unit test suites. It runs on top of JUnit and automatically selects individual tests to execute based on changes made to the code since the previous tool invocation. It can be used both from the command line and inside an IDE.

No download Website Updated 10 Jan 2007 netBPM

Pop 10.05
Vit 1.45

NetBpm is a platform for building, executing, and managing workflows. It is very simple to use and integrate in other .NET applications. It supports building applications which are able to turn business models into executable software models. Business analysts are able to use a model driven approach to design, implement, execute, and track business processes. So business people can easily react with business and strategy changes.

Download Website Updated 18 Aug 2006 JComet

Pop 15.36
Vit 1.00

JComet provides a set of reloadable and dynamic Java objects, such as properties and XML elements, as well as a framework for event-change listeners that are called when data is changed.

Download Website Updated 27 Aug 2006 Ruben

Pop 18.49
Vit 1.73

Ruben provides Maven 2.x plugins for Ruby builds. Functionality includes unit testing, syntax checking, rails/gem packaging, and dependency resolution.


Project Spotlight


A simple interface for capturing and viewing video.


Project Spotlight


A portable SQLite wrapper library for C++.