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Download Website Updated 15 Nov 2010 sccs2rcs

Pop 18.63
Vit 36.20

Running sccs2rcs in a directory with an SCCS subdirectory will convert all the SCCS files to corresponding RCS master files in a new RCS directory; the SCCS data itself is accessed read-only. It will complain and terminate if any of the SCCS files are checked out, or if the RCS directory already exists and is non-empty. If the directory contains snapshot auxiliary data produced by Emacs VC mode for tagging, that will be used too.

No download Website Updated 16 Jan 2011 Mozart's Musical Dice Game Add-On for XBMC

Pop 21.82
Vit 35.34

This is a simple XBMC add-on to generate a random waltz theme following Mozart's Musical Dice Game (Musikalisches Würfelspiel). Each waltz consist of two parts: a minuet (16 bars of music) and a trio (another 16 bars). Mozart wrote a total of 272 pieces, which get randomly combined to produce a unique piece of music every time (originally the combination was obtained using a dice roll, hence the name).

Download Website Updated 11 Jun 2011 Nibble Framework

Pop 27.71
Vit 33.22

Nibble Framework is a plug-in based framework that enables fast development of small to medium Web sites. It is designed using PHP 5.3 functionality such as namespaces. Web sites and applications are developed using collections of plug-ins that can be reused and shared with other developers. Plug-ins can be installed using a drag and drop interface. Many classes are provided, including the Nibble Forms class, Twitter feeds class, and RedBean PHP ORM.

Download No website Updated 23 Jun 2011 da

Pop 16.00
Vit 33.03

da is a command line script for creating and managing directory paths. You can associate a given directory with a small alias, which is faster to type and easier to remember. That shortcut can be substituted when changing directory by using the "j" command.

No download No website Updated 25 Aug 2011 FormSpamCheck

Pop 16.94
Vit 32.06

FormSpamCheck is a PHP class to centrally manage several online form and forum spam services. It currently supports www.stopforumspam.com, www.projecthoneypot.org, and www.akismet.com.

Download No website Updated 16 Nov 2011 Phone Spell

Pop 19.26
Vit 30.75

Phone Spell is a PHP class which can find words which can be used to spell a phone number. It takes a given phone number and tries to find existing words with letters equivalent to the phone number digits. It uses the pspell extension to look up words, but can also use a custom dictionary to find the equivalent words.

Download No website Updated 17 Nov 2011 Light source

Pop 22.72
Vit 30.72

Light source is an object which can apply a shadow to page elements based on the position of a light. It takes the identifier of a page element and changes its CSS atttributes which define shadow parameters depending on the position of a light source relative to the target element and its children elements. The shadow can be generated either with the shape of the text elements or the whole box of the target element.

Download No website Updated 14 Dec 2011 Word Solver

Pop 19.44
Vit 30.29

Word Solver generates words or anagrams from specified rules. It can take a string which defines rules for the words to be generated, like the allowed letters, the position of certain letters, letters which should be used together, or the whole characters which may be used. It returns one or more generated words in an array.

Download No website Updated 14 Dec 2011 Texpand

Pop 16.12
Vit 30.29

Texpand expands textarea input as the user types the text. It listens to the events triggered when the user types or delete text in a textarea input. The object can adjust the dimensions of the textarea input to make the text fit in the visible area of the input. The minimum or maximum width and height of the textarea input are configurable parameters.

Download No website Updated 15 Dec 2011 Tmatrix

Pop 15.30
Vit 30.29

Tmatrix manipulates matrices to transform Web page elements. It can create a matrix which defines transformation parameters to apply to a page element and recalculates the matrix values by applying different transformation operations like scaling, rotating, and skewing. The object can also apply absolute or relative transformations to specific elements like canvas, and return transformation values to use in CSS definitions.


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WSN Guest

A PHP/MySQL guestbook script.


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A tool for splitting and recombining files in a secure manner.