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No download No website Updated 29 Jan 2013 BoardJS

Pop 21.52
Vit 21.98

BoardJS is a JavaScript library that simplifies the way of making interactive presentations, stories, and ads. The library works by writing commands such as adding text and images, moving objects, and showing tooltips; once the .go() function is called, commands will be executed one by one. The list of commands will be interpreted in the library as a timeline. It is optimized and fast, is cross-browser and cross-platform, changes the presentation without refreshing the page, applies commands to more than one object at a time, makes it easy to update presentations, uses only HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, and allows multiple shows in the same page.

Download No website Updated 18 Mar 2014 PrestaShop Advance Testimonials

Pop 44.20
Vit 20.15

Advance Testimonials is a Prestashop module that displays customer testimonials. It allows merchants to show reviews more dynamically throughout a Web site.

Download No website Updated 09 Dec 2013 Partial Layaway Payments Magento Extension

Pop 32.06
Vit 19.77

Partial Layaway Payments Magento Extension helps merchants to sell products on partial payments to low-budget customers. The admin can customize the amount of the downpayment, the installment amount, and the timespan for payments.

Download Website Updated 14 May 2013 Teia

Pop 19.36
Vit 19.52

Teia is a simple and functional CSS framework. It is simple, but can be added to large projects.

No download No website Updated 18 May 2013 ColDet 3D Collision Detection Library

Pop 18.55
Vit 19.39

ColDet 3D Collision Detection Library is a library that provides collision detection for generic polyhedra. Its purpose is mainly for 3D games where accurate detection is needed between two non-simple objects. It also includes a fast multi-object system that quickly prunes the space of pairs to be checked, and additional support functions such as tests for ray picking.

No download No website Updated 23 Jul 2013 Magento Partial Payment

Pop 34.61
Vit 18.92

Magento Partial Payment is a module that adds support to Magento for partial payments, payment installments, and layaway solutions. Customers can pay a set proportion of the price of a product, and the remaining amount can be paid after configurable time period, so customers have the option to purchase multiple products simultaneously with a lower budget.

No download No website Updated 20 Jun 2013 Portable UTF-8

Pop 16.61
Vit 18.51

Portable UTF-8 is a library that enables Unicode support in PHP applications. It is written in PHP and does not need mbstring, iconv, UTF-8 enabled PCRE, or any other library.

No download Website Updated 23 Jul 2013 Magento Social Login

Pop 37.07
Vit 17.92

Magento Social Login is a Magento extension that allows logins to your site using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ accounts, eliminating the entire registration process.

No download Website Updated 23 Jul 2013 Magento Refer a Friend

Pop 21.17
Vit 17.92

Magento Refer a Friend is a Magento extension that allows customers to refer your store to their friends. This alllows you to provide discounts while expanding your customer base.

Download No website Updated 23 Jul 2013 Magento Custom Options

Pop 24.74
Vit 17.92

Magento Custom Options is a Magento extension that allows admins to product templates with custom options. Templates can be applied to many products, and a single mouse click can select and update them.


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Univention Corporate Client (UCC)

A flexible and manageable operating system for PCs, notebooks, and thin clients.


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A time synchronization daemon which keeps your system time accurate.