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Download Website Updated 01 Jun 2005 Contact_Vcard_Build

Pop 33.78
Vit 1.57

Contact_Vcard_Build is a PHP class to build and fetch vCards (versions 2.1 and 3.0).

No download Website Updated 04 May 2003 LDIF to VCard Conversion

Pop 55.10
Vit 1.00

This is a simple command line Perl script written in order to migrate a Netscape address book to GnomeCard. It takes an LDIF file, as exported from Netscape, and writes out a VCard file. Currently the first name, last name, work, home, cell phone numbers, and email address are written. The input file may be either DOS or Unix text format.

Download Website Updated 14 Jun 2003 Libvc

Pop 59.14
Vit 1.74

Libvc is a vCard library which was written using 'flex' and 'bison'. It handles scanning a vCard file, parsing the vCard file into a data storage structure, manipulating the data storage structure, and writing the structure back to a file. It was originally written for 'rolo', but has been split off for general use.

Download Website Updated 19 May 2003 mutt_vc_query

Pop 35.20
Vit 1.42

mutt_vc_query is a utility that enables mutt users to query email addresses and vCard information that has been stored by rolo.

Download Website Updated 12 Feb 2008 Gordano Messaging Suite

Pop 36.06
Vit 4.59

The Gordano Messaging Suite (GMS) is a highly flexible and reliable suite of messaging products. Customers can choose which components meet their needs from email, Webmail, collaboration, instant messaging, calendaring, SMS, and list server software all of which can be complimented by high level anti-spam, anti-virus, and archiving options.

Download Website Updated 28 Jul 2005 Infotrope ACAP Server

Pop 55.18
Vit 3.34

The Infotrope ACAP Server is an implementation of RFC2244, complete with asynchronous notification of changes, stored search results, ACLs, and data inheritance, etc. It supports TLS and SASL encryption as well as the entire base standard, plus a few optional extensions. ACAP allows applications to store configuration data in a way that is standard, fully interoperable, and easily managed by users, administrators, and technical support teams alike. Infotrope's key features include the ability to randomly crash the server without data loss, and backing up of data (even while it's being written) without losing integrity.

Download Website Updated 22 May 2007 Enterprise CRM and Groupware System

Pop 395.41
Vit 7.58

EGS is a multi-user, Web-based Groupware/CRM/MRP and project management suite.. Current modules include a CRM/address book/dashboard, calendar, content management, project management tools, email ticketing, Web site news, and accounting/ERP.

Download Website Updated 19 Jul 2003 neo2squirrel.pl

Pop 11.36
Vit 1.00

neo2squirrel is a Perl script to convert Neomail addressbook and preferences to SquirrelMail. This is a "run once" script, to help you convert many users on your server from Neomail to SquirrelMail.

No download Website Updated 24 Mar 2014 Thunderbird

Pop 1,265.21
Vit 44.89

Thunderbird is a total redesign of the Mozilla mail component to produce a cross-platform, stand-alone mail application using the XUL user interface language. It has many new features, among them the ability to customize your toolbars the way you want them. a new look and feel with a large number of downloadable themes which alter the appearance of the client, and the ability to add UI extensions.

Download Website Updated 04 Aug 2003 JPim

Pop 21.49
Vit 1.00

JPim is an email and contact management tool which offers auto-completion for recipient addresses, viewing of plain and HTML email, viewing of email headers, adding of attachments to email and saving attachments received, full contact management features, an easy to modify quick contact list, and the ability to reply to and forward email.


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BASH History Suggest Box

A command history suggestion box for BASH.


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Tiny Linux-specific utilities.