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No download Website Updated 08 Aug 2005 PlaaSoft FormularManager

Pop 26.38
Vit 2.91

PlaaSoft FormularManager lets you read and fill German tax forms directly on your computer and send the forms via the Internet and Elster to the German fiscal authorities.

Download Website Updated 20 Mar 2005 acikisletme

Pop 28.43
Vit 1.43

Acikisletme is a console application for markets and small firms. Acikisletme manages stock, money changes, and bills. It uses ncurses and PostgreSQL.

No download Website Updated 12 Jun 2006 Inventory Management Software

Pop 122.96
Vit 5.18

Inventory Management Software is a Web-based tool that makes it easy to keep your inventory accurate from any location. It supports multiple users and inventory transaction logging.

No download Website Updated 24 Feb 2005 The FreerP Project

Pop 35.07
Vit 58.14

The FreerP Project is a set of integrated business intelligence applications. The main applications belonging to the FreerP Project are warehouse logistics, shipping logistics, production process control, customer relations management, e-commerce, e-business, inventory management, and accounting.

No download Website Updated 21 Mar 2005 Sigma Expense

Pop 21.17
Vit 1.00

Sigma Expense is an expense accounting Web application. It allows road warriors to log in and report their expenses in order to obtain refunds. The program lets administrators set up a validation workflow. Data can be exported in XML format, and some filters already exist to import the transactions into existing accounting systems such as SunSystems. It works on top of a Tomcat application server and has been tested with the Sun JVM and Blackdown.

Download Website Updated 09 Feb 2009 Tiny ERP

Pop 300.69
Vit 7.90

Tiny ERP is a complete ERP and CRM. The main features are accounting (analytic and financial), production management (MRP), stock management, sales and purchases management, task automation, marketing campaigns, help desk, POS, etc. Technical features include a distributed server, flexible workflows, an object database, a dynamic GUI, an XML-RPC interface, and customizable reports.

No download Website Updated 17 Jul 2007 LogicBill

Pop 24.17
Vit 1.15

LogicBill is a fully featured Web-based billing application, with features such as payment gateway integration, recurring invoice generation, a help desk, and more.

No download Website Updated 04 May 2005 PlaaSoft BankleitzahlenSuche

Pop 21.79
Vit 1.00

PlaaSoft BankleitzahlenSuche lets you search for German bank identification codes. You can search for subsidiaries, bank codes, and cities.

Download Website Updated 05 May 2005 ModernBill

Pop 39.09
Vit 57.53

ModernBill is a full featured billing/management/provisioning system for the Web hosting industry. It supports over 20 payment gateways, 6 domain registrars, 15 control panel types, and provides an sslfactory module.

Download Website Updated 15 May 2005 aPapi

Pop 20.35
Vit 1.00

aPapi is a PHP class that simplifies getting an account balance and recent transactions from PayPal. It merely logs the user in and then scrapes the screen to get the data required.


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A Web application for Suricata ruleset management.