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ZZIPlib provides read access on ZIP-archives. The library uses only the patent-free compression-algorithms supported by zlib. Functions are provided that transparently access files being either real files or zipped files, both with the same filepath. The zip-archive can be used in the place of a normal subdirectory. It is written in portable C.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 Mar 2012 15:25

    Release Notes: The build script now has better support for export-symbols for non-gnu-ld backends.

    •  29 Dec 2010 17:27

      Release Notes: This release contains build fixes for Linux, AIX, mingw32, and MSVC8. Bugfixes include that stat-caseless was not working and a segfault for very large (non-standard) zip32 archives.

      •  04 Aug 2009 11:52

        Release Notes: Typedef fixes were made for the extra libraries doing mmapped/fseeko access. Portability fixes were made for gcc-mingw32. An autoconf fix was made for non-BSD 64-bit-only platforms.

        •  27 Jun 2009 21:20

          Release Notes: Some bugs were fixed. A modulo-entries feature was added. The package scheme for manpages was changed. The configure scheme was updated for better build portability.

          •  22 May 2009 21:02

            Release Notes: This release includes a number of fixes for portability, including a more robust check for the aligned memory access requirement and a switch of the man page archive from sysv ar to pax tar format.


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