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ZybaCafe (formerly DireqCafe) is a full featured and complete Internet cafe management suite with support for multiple-platform clients. Thin-client Linux, fat-client Linux, and Windows are officially maintained. Extension is easily done through plugins.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  20 Nov 2006 15:24

    Release Notes: Many GUI design improvements were done in the Linux client. The update frequency in the admin panel was reduced to prevent mistaken clicks. A manual refresh button was added. A cheat with pausing and slow launching games was fixed by adding an unpause button on the admin console. Support was added for "lpr" based printing needed by text-only printers. The user can now see the time remaining in the taskbar as well as in the counter window. Several crucial crashpoints in the Linux client were resolved, and a crash bug when using standard time units with offers set up in the admin console was also resolved.

    •  07 Nov 2006 12:26

      Release Notes: Receipt printing support was added for thermal printers through CUPS. Special offer support was added. Several crash points in the Linux client, daemon, and admin console were fixed.

      •  25 Oct 2006 16:05

        Release Notes: With this release, all the core functionality is fully working, as is the plugin system. However, it has only been tested internally and may still contain severe bugs. ZybaCafe now uses its own countdown daemon rather than cron jobs. The backend was switched to PostgreSQL. An advanced plugin system was implemented for easy extensibility. The program is now completely independent of Unix usernames/passwords, allowing for portability, security, and reduced management.

        •  24 Jan 2006 16:48

          Release Notes: This is a minor update to 3.0.8 which fixes a bug that set the maximum number of minutes for a user to 6 instead of 60.

          •  23 Jan 2006 22:05

            Release Notes: This is a maintainance release and most likely the last in the 3.x series. It has been migrated to GTK2. Libdireqcafe now explicitly sets the shell for newly created users for compatibillity with new versions of KDM. Sources now compile under the latest versions of lazarus. There are several small interface enhancements, and several small bugfixes in the installer.


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