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ZXID is a C library that implements the full SAML 2.0 stack and aims to implement all popular federated ID management protocols such as Liberty ID-FF 1.2, WS-Federation, WS- Trust, and ID Web Services such as Liberty ID- WSF 1.1 and 2.0. It is based on schema based code generation, resulting in an accurate implementation. SWIG is used to offer scripting language interfaces such as Perl, PHP, and Python, as well as Java. It can act as SP, IdP, WSC, and WSP.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  25 Sep 2008 11:10

    Release Notes: Several config options were added to support complex use cases for mod_auth_saml, namely optionally anonymous sessions, ispassive, step-up authentication, and determination of required authentication context classes. An option to generate a custom IdP selection page was added.

    •  17 Sep 2008 21:27

      Release Notes: mod_auth_saml Apache module stabilization. A non_standard_entityid option has been added. The build system has been improved to check for dependencies up front.

      •  11 Oct 2007 09:10

        Release Notes: Log levels 1 and 2 were added. Destination handling was fixed. The preservation of whitespace and alphabetization of attributes is now ensured in XML parsing and exc-xml-canon. ArtifactResolve, Logout, and MNI requests are now signed over SOAP. An empty ns prefix for XML attributes was fixed. The source IP is now printed in logs.

        •  08 Oct 2007 20:54

          Release Notes: There is a bugfix in the Content-type header. A SWIG related build problem for Net::SAML on Red Hat has been fixed. InclusiveNamespaces/@PrefixList has been fixed, which should fix many signature validation failures. A Cygwin target has been added.

          •  02 Oct 2007 04:41

            Release Notes: Work was made towards GSA E-Auth requirements. Changes were made to EncryptedAssertions and EncryptedIDs, and bugs were fixed.


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