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Zuul was yet another PHP frontend for mldonkey. It has been out-of-sync with current mldonkey development for some time, however, and exists now only as a reference for the more current fork of the project, Web-GMUI. Zuul is unlikely to function properly against any available mldonkey releases, so file releases are unavailable at this time. CVS from sourceforge is still available, however.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Sep 2004 06:59

    Release Notes: A default_max_name_len bug was fixed along with server sorting and translation problems. Development output was removed from the search. A $this = NULL error that occurred under PHP5 and an empty input error for new users and the command line were fixed. The page refresh code was rewritten, an auth bug was fixed, and a minor MYSQL_ASSOC bug was fixed.

    •  03 Nov 2003 15:44

      Release Notes: New features include shares management, friends management, options grouping, automatic page refreshing, and two new themes. A whole bunch of bugfixes were made. Supported languages now include: Danish, Dutch, English, German, Spanish, and AOL-speak.

      •  19 Aug 2003 21:32

        Release Notes: This release handles MLDonkey authentication properly, and detects/resets the MLDonkey term_ansi setting if it needs to (if term_ansi is set to false, Zuul won't function).

        •  15 Aug 2003 16:57

          Release Notes: This is primarily a bugfix release which fixes some cross-browser rendering errors and some language file problems, and makes maintaining translations a bit easier. It also adds support for Dutch, a handy new Javascript option for manipulating checkboxes, and a use_javascript configuration option in case you don't want Javascript at all.

          •  05 Aug 2003 21:08

            Release Notes: This release contains a number of enhancements, as well as bugfixes. Some of the enhancements include adding summary statistics, renaming of files, Javascript checkbox manipulations, and much more efficient use of calls to the mldonkey engine.

            Recent comments

            24 Dec 2006 09:41 krlsn

            Project discontinued
            Zuul was yet another PHP front-end for the p2p app MLDonkey ( Currently no version of Zuul works properly against current versions of MLDonkey, and it's very unlikely that any development work will continue on Zuul. A project named Web-GMUI ( has been forked which is staying current with more recent MLDonkey releases, so it's recommended that you use that instead.


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