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The Zumastor Linux storage project adds enterprise storage features to Linux, primarily improved snapshots and remote replication. Point-in-time, near zero-cost, block level snapshots can be added to any existing filesystem and performance does not degrade with multiple snapshots. Remote replication is achieved by sending minimal block level deltas between snapshots without having to traverse the entire filesystem like rsync does.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 May 2008 09:19

    Release Notes: This release adds several bugfixes. In particular, replication between x86 and x86_64 hosts now works. Experimental native Hardy packages were provided.

    •  29 Mar 2008 09:28

      Release Notes: This release adds an experimental "revert to snapshot" feature, an experimental "multilayer replication" feature (e.g. for doing star topology software distribution), and lets downstream replicas retain snapshots (which is of importance when using the system as part of a backup scheme).

      •  05 Feb 2008 10:58

        Release Notes: This release adds support for offline resizing and fixes a bug that could cause data loss. For developers, it also adds a way to run autobuilder tests before committing changes.

        •  01 Dec 2007 11:51

          Release Notes: This release is the product of months of testing and debugging, including working around core kernel block-io memory recursion issues.


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