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zphoto is a Web/Flash-based zooming photo album generator.


Recent releases

  •  20 Jul 2004 20:16

    Release Notes: A movie file handling bug has been fixed. and have been refined. wxzphoto now supports movie files. Other small modifications have been made.

    •  06 Jul 2004 16:48

      Release Notes: A file name handling bug was fixed. File names containing single quotes or any characters are now supported. Template files were arranged. Other small modifications were also made.

      •  09 May 2004 08:04

        Release Notes: A GUI is now supported using wxWidgets and wxGlade. Other small modifications were made.

        •  10 Apr 2004 20:44

          Release Notes: A configuration file is now supported. The new options, --dump-config and --config, were added. Other small modifications were also made.

          •  03 Apr 2004 19:28

            Release Notes: Building with MinGW is now supported. ImageMagick is now supported as well as Imlib2. A Windows version is now available.

            Recent comments

            26 Apr 2010 01:54 georgejc

            This program is super easy to use and the results are really nice. Good effects too. By default, it also makes a non-flash album page along with a zip file containing all of the photos for easy download.

            Thank you to the developer for making this program!


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