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06 Dec 2008 14:37 AllMassive

Best IRC-BNC available
What a great piece of software - best Bnc out there.

I am using it for some time now - never seen a Bnc with so many features (modules).

Everything works Out-of-the-Box.

Thanks you Devs !

12 Apr 2007 06:55 sceptiQ

Re: znc the best
yeah, really looks nice! Im searching a way to find out how to use the modules, btw webmin isnt working in 0.047


12 Nov 2005 07:04 kamikazegp

znc the best
The best piece of software I've tested in this category! Even if it's still in beta version it works better than all the others known (eg. bnc, psybnc, pimpbnc etc). It's stable, quick to configure and connect and very customizable (with modules). A little more work to do on default features and modules and it will be perfect!!!


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