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Zero Kelvin Desktop

The Zero Kelvin Desktop provides a Web-based "desktop" interface built on top of the ZK AJAX toolkit. It consists of an application loader, a packing specification, a data-source independent database editor, a persistence layer, access control, and several APIs for allowing the creation of additional ZK Desktop applications. Multiple applications can be hosted on a single desktop at the same time, as well as multiple instances of a single application (or any combination). The system has been (and continues to be) developed to provide a platform for the continued development of Web-based applications for a corporate intranet and several public Internet projects. The goal is to provide a robust, feature-rich, "Desktop-Like" development environment for lightweight applications.

Operating Systems

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A Fluent OpenStack client API for Java.


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TurnKey TWiki Appliance

A TWiki appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.