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ZINC interpreter

Zinc (the Z-machine Including Network Capabilities) allows you to play text adventure games (also known as interactive fiction) either on your own, or cooperatively over a network. It comes with interpreters for two of the most popular interactive fiction file formats--Z-machine games and TADS games. A common problem when playing adventure games is drawing a map of the game world. Seasoned players will be glad to hear that Zinc has a powerful map facility to make this process as painless as possible. Zinc's networking capabilities are possibly unique. They enable several players to work together to try to solve a game.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 Oct 2004 05:48

    Release Notes: This release fixed several crashes, bugs, and other oddities. The main problem addressed was a possible hang or crash when starting the program for the first time, causing it to start every gamefile present under the installation directory. The saving of games, including the map, over the network was improved, as was feedback when an unsupported game save/load operation is performed.

    •  29 Dec 2003 01:19

      Release Notes: This release fixes several small bugs with the 1.02 release. Notably, the remote server console feature introduced with 1.02 was not exposed to the user by default. Other bugs fixed include a problem with networked games where one end of the connection had a different set of loaded plugins than the other, and a problem with international text input for Z machine games.

      •  23 Dec 2003 22:04

        Release Notes: There are numerous bugfixes and some new options. The ability to control a Zinc server remotely has been added.

        •  18 May 2003 13:02

          Release Notes: The major bug fix in this release is that version 4 Z-machine games now run in Zinc. These games didn't run before because of an unimplemented opcode. A number of other bug fixes relating to network games were also made. The chat system now supports the /me command.

          •  03 May 2003 09:40

            Release Notes: The ability to save networked games and many small bugfixes.


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