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03 May 2005 15:51 TobySmurf

Getting much better
I love the new .11 releases, I've been playing with Zina for a long time now (since 0.9) and it has improved steadily to the point where I think it's now the best overall free streaming software. I'd love it even more if it had it's own authentication, but I can make do with apache's configs. I have used Zina on windows/IIS, windows/Apache, Linux/Apache1.3,2.0 and 2.1, and Solaris/Apache. My collection consists of over 56000 songs, and Zina is one of the few apps that doesn't explode when it sees my music folder. Great work!

15 Jan 2004 23:51 grombulk

Re: Great start

I wish Zina had a forum!

Your wish has been granted:
zina forum

03 Jan 2003 22:24 ryanknoll

Great start
I think this is a great mp3 streaming system. The only trouble I have is a few mysql errors when I test the various button next to the playlist. I wish Zina had a forum!


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