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Zimbra Collaboration Suite

Zimbra is a next-generation enterprise messaging and collaboration system. It features an Ajax Web client with conversation views, fast email search, Web service mash-ups, shared calendars, document authoring, and IM. The server also syncs to MS Outlook (via MAPI), the Apple desktop (via iSync, iCal, and CalDAV), POP/IMAP clients, and mobile devices (BlackBerry, smart phones, HTML Web browsers). A version of the Web client, Zimbra Desktop, also works offline with any POP/IMAP server. Administrators can control live backup/restores of individual or groups of mailboxes, hierarchical storage (HSM) and clustering, LDAP directory configuration, Web services integration with existing enterprise applications, and integrated anti-spam and anti-virus.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  24 Mar 2008 20:45

    Release Notes: This release adds support for instant messaging, tasks, online document authoring (GA), and over-the-air sync to BlackBerry, iPhone, and J2ME devices.

    •  19 Jul 2007 21:56

      Release Notes: Support for an automated MySQL database corruption check that will send a notification to the admin. Spam training has been enhanced by allowing programmatic scanning of folders without requiring a password. Admins can get backup and restore complete notifications sent via email. .Doc and .pdf files open correctly in Zimbra Web Client. iSync will not duplicate the calendar, and iSync Connector works correctly with Mac OS X 10.4.10. Servers automatically start after a ZCS upgrade. Web-based cross-mailbox discovery is available for the optional Zimbra Archiving and Discovery module.

      •  09 Jun 2007 12:59

        Release Notes: This is the first release in the 5.0.0 release cycle. New features include IM, Tasks, Standard Client autocompletion, and keyboard navigation. Updates have been made to migration wizards and apple/outlook connectors.

        •  09 May 2007 07:28

          Release Notes: Secure SMTP on port 465 is enabled by default during installs or upgrades. vCard email attachments can be easily added to Address Book. The upgrade time for a large deployment was reduced. Full backups now support more than 32,000 users on a server. The Exchange and Domino migration wizards were enhanced for calendar events and aliases. Account aliases are now hidden during a GAL search. Fixes were made for time shifts between calendar events set on Treos, Outlook, and the Web client.

          •  07 Mar 2007 13:26

            Release Notes: This release fixes a number of bugs in 4.5.2. The impact of one bug was that incoming 8-bit messages could be permanently corrupted when they enter the ZCS. This has impacted several customers outside the United States and customers anywhere receiving mail from people outside the United States. This major bug existed only in 4.5.2 and is fixed in 4.5.3. The periodic issues with the Web client failing to load in IE7 are believed to have been fixed.

            Recent comments

            07 Jul 2006 09:39 danamerrick

            Like a mix of Gmail, Exchange and Thunderbird, without all of the bad stuff.

            23 Nov 2005 08:56 azaltsman

            Great product
            Probably the closest product so far that has the capability of competing with MS Exchange and its functionality.


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