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GNU Zile (Zile Is Lossy Emacs) is a lightweight Emacs clone. Every Emacs user should feel at home with Zile. Zile is aimed at small footprint systems (a typical binary is about 100Kb) and quick editing sessions (it starts up and shuts down instantly).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Feb 2014 08:23

    Release Notes: Fixes the timeradd macro for systems that need it.

    •  25 Feb 2014 12:29

      Release Notes: Actually uses libgc. All of the previous 2.4 releases were eating all your memory. Fixes the speed of searching on large buffers (previously, the entire buffer was copied for each search). The fix was copied from Zee. Makes query-replace and save file prompt handling closer to Emacs. Fixes many printf format bugs in user functions, thanks to GCC. Uses pkgconfig to find libgc. Improves the use of GCC warnings. Some code clean-up.

      •  20 Mar 2012 20:19

        Release Notes: Fixes a potential crash and a cosmetic bug in global-set-key when used interactively. Adds many more tests.

        •  18 Feb 2012 15:35

          Release Notes: This release fixes a crash in non-incremental searching the first time it is used interactively.

          •  08 Feb 2012 23:49

            Release Notes: An egregious bug resulting in a crash whenever a non-existent file was edited was fixed along with other potential crash bugs in the low-level text-handling routine, estr_replace.

            Recent comments

            30 Apr 2011 20:10 rrt

            For anyone who thinks the 2.3.24 release notes bear a suspicious resemblance to the 2.3.23 notes, I'm sorry, I used the wrong ones. The real notes are even less exciting: "a few tiny bug fixes, some code cleanup".

            25 Mar 2011 22:14 tinybashcgis

            Shouldn't that now be "Zile is Lua Emacs"?

            13 Mar 2011 04:51 hictio

            Thanks a lot for Zile!
            It is simply the best small Emacs clone I've used.
            Thank you very much.

            28 Oct 2007 19:31 fawcett

            Zile rocks!
            I've been using zile for several years now. It's one of the first utilities I install on a new system. Thanks, Reuben!

            07 Sep 2006 01:01 sys2066

            Re: Why not use Emacs?

            > If you want an editor that is as similar

            > to Emacs as possible, why not just use

            > Emacs?

            Zile is one of the first packages I install on new systems. I'm a heavy emacs user, but Zile is really just a complement to Emacs. For example, when I want to do a quick edit of a configuration file, I start Zile from the command line and is done with it in no-time. It's basically a replacement for vi for me.

            So to the author: Thanks a lot for zile!

            // Simon


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