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The ZideStore server is a native client integration server for Users can access the contact, appointment, and task database using Outlook, Evolution, and almost any iCalendar compatible client (such as Apple iCal or Mozilla Calendar). In addition, ZideStore supports WebDAV to make the OGo document stores accessible for MS Office and


Recent releases

  •  16 Jun 2009 19:50

    Release Notes: CalDAV/CardDAV support was added. Compatibility with clients was improved, particularly ZideOne.

    •  12 May 2009 18:14

      Release Notes: Numerous bugfixes, including support for per-user default access permissions on new appointments, WebDAV compatibility, and fixed memory leaks. Major new features such as CardDAV multiget support, improved CalDAV support, GroupDAV compatibility, and inclusion of the zOGI XML-RPC protocol bundle.

      •  08 Sep 2004 15:19

        Release Notes: The ZideStore 1.3 alpha releases are versions which work with the matching OGo 1.0 alpha releases. This release features greatly improved compatibility with, a prototype of a ZideStore-based sessionless Web interface (UIx), installation in FHS locations, and a lot of bugfixes. The ZideStore code is currently contained in the OGo tgz snapshots, but follows its own versioning and release process.

        •  13 May 2003 15:11

          Release Notes: The last minor bugs since the last beta test release were fixed. This enables full disk-based object caching per default and allows fine-grained RAM caches of Outlook objects.

          •  10 Apr 2003 00:05

            Release Notes: The Outlook root folder can now be collapsed/expanded without problems. All phone numbers and addresses are saved now. Toggling a task state no longer brings up an Outlook panel. Broad support for RSS queries has been added. All Enterprise contact fields are now supported (birthday, boss, etc.).


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