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03 Oct 2010 22:51 DerManoMann

With the latest performance additions even large catalogs can be handled easily.

A simple installation of ZenMagick with an over-19,000 item catalog and 1000+ categories.

13 Aug 2010 01:48 DerManoMann

ZenMagick now uses transifex ( to manage translations for the new ZenMagick admin UI.
The admin UI is a scratch rewrite to replace the aging Zen Cart admin code.

23 Jul 2010 11:12 DerManoMann

Refresh of the ZenMagick website http.://
New design, more content and updated screenshots featuring the new, Zen Cart compatibile, admin UI, which will be part of ZenMagick.0.9.10.

11 Jun 2010 04:38 DerManoMann

rubikintegration have published the planned new design for the ZenMagick admin UI:

25 Mar 2010 22:25 DerManoMann

We've been having a live chat server (XMPP) running for a while now and I think it is about time to let people know about it. The URL is:

If you are using jabber or gtalk and have a question, feel free to join and get help in real time! I am usually logged in during New Zealand daytime hours (UTC+12+daylight saving).

Alternatively there is an anonymous web interface available via

25 Jan 2010 21:01 DerManoMann

ZenMagick finally got a logo. Details:

11 Nov 2009 09:16 DerManoMann

To adjust to the needs of the growing ZenMagick user base, a new forum has been created. It replaces the previous basic sourceforge forum.

The new ZenMagick forum can be found at

10 Nov 2009 23:42 DerManoMann

I am happy to announce that with the upcoming ZenMagick .0.9.8 release ZenMagick is going to be available as both Zen Cart mod and also as full installer that includes a (fully patched) PHP5.3 ready zen cart.

As long as ZenMagick remains compatible with the latest Zen Cart version (still 1.3.8a as I write this) there will be now both options available.

24 Jul 2009 10:11 DerManoMann

A new plugin adding template support for Fual Slimbox, based on the fual slimbox zen cart mod (") has been released today

22 Jul 2009 09:27 DerManoMann

A new theme PrecisionReloaded is was released today ( The theme is based on the existing precision theme and is mainly intended as a base theme for liquid 3 column layouts


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