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ZenMagick is a reliable, flexible e-commerce solution for Internet retailers of all trades. Originally based on Zen Cart, it has evolved into a flexible and robust system of its own that allows you to get the shopping cart you want.


Last announcement

Improved zencart admin support in new ZenMagick admin UI 03 Nov 2010 01:28

The next version of the ZenMagick admin UI will feature virtually full support of all standard zencart admin pages. Excluded are pages that are already natively implemented in ZenMagick, like, the System Info (about) page, ezpages, template selection or manage users pages. New screenshots should be available soon (pending approval)

Recent releases

  •  08 Jan 2012 07:46

    Release Notes: This is a bugfix release with a fix for a single, critical bug. The PhPassAuthenticationProvider class will report any given password as valid and therefore allow you to log in with any given password. Please note that this does not compromise existing or new passwords. It is strongly recommended to upgrade from 0.9.13 to this version.

    •  20 Dec 2011 01:35

      Release Notes: Use of the sfymfony2 dependency injection container was extended. Framework code changes were made to streamline configuration and customization. The groundwork is now in place to tackle a proper checkout API.

      •  23 Jun 2011 22:17

        Release Notes: This is the first release to provide the full power of a dependency injection container (based on symfon2). The previous system of compressing all core files in a single core.php file has been superseded by standard PHP .phar files. The UI for the user/group based access control system in the new admin app is finally complete. Logging and debugging options were improved. Support was added for environments with different configuration. Event handling and dispatching was improved.

        •  16 Jan 2011 22:28

          Release Notes: This release has fully integrated zencart admin into the ZenMagick admin UI. It has email preview for all templates. It requires PHP 5.3. It has improved checkout, a new generic block system for templates, and support for theme variations to easily add, for example, seasonal changes to a theme.

          •  01 Sep 2010 23:06

            Release Notes: An admin UI scratch rewrite, separate from the existing Zen Cart admin. Improved localization code with gettext style .po support. The new admin UI is also available as a stand-alone application. Improved caching, now also on the template file level. Huge performance improvements for large catalogs. Based on Zen Cart 1.3.9f. SwiftMailer integration to replace existing email functions.

            Recent comments

            03 Oct 2010 22:51 DerManoMann

            With the latest performance additions even large catalogs can be handled easily.

            A simple installation of ZenMagick with an over-19,000 item catalog and 1000+ categories.

            13 Aug 2010 01:48 DerManoMann

            ZenMagick now uses transifex ( to manage translations for the new ZenMagick admin UI.
            The admin UI is a scratch rewrite to replace the aging Zen Cart admin code.

            23 Jul 2010 11:12 DerManoMann

            Refresh of the ZenMagick website http.://
            New design, more content and updated screenshots featuring the new, Zen Cart compatibile, admin UI, which will be part of ZenMagick.0.9.10.

            11 Jun 2010 04:38 DerManoMann

            rubikintegration have published the planned new design for the ZenMagick admin UI:

            25 Mar 2010 22:25 DerManoMann

            We've been having a live chat server (XMPP) running for a while now and I think it is about time to let people know about it. The URL is:

            If you are using jabber or gtalk and have a question, feel free to join and get help in real time! I am usually logged in during New Zealand daytime hours (UTC+12+daylight saving).

            Alternatively there is an anonymous web interface available via


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