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02 Sep 2010 14:48 fiction4

Hello ,
Probably not the place to post this. Looking for a easy way to send notifications when on gnome desktop. Thought Zenity would be the perfect solution. Used a script and 'at'. Nothing pops up on desktop? Watched it with 'top' and it ran. Tried several different options nothing worked. When run from desktop in a script it works great. Even 'killed' its script and its still there. From 'at' nothing?

03 Sep 2009 11:22 amaresh944

I love it ... good one

08 Feb 2009 00:01 slacker_

love it...
I read about this program in linux-magazine and decided to give it a try.

zenity helped me a lot at developing bash scripts for non-geeks,

i never liked gui-programming, but with this program its fun and easy !

keep up your good work ! ;-)

04 Dec 2008 17:42 lakshmipathi

Great Work
Really a cool tool.I have implemented GUI for my C program :) Keep up this good work.

07 Sep 2004 14:35 tmillard

xmessage for old computers
This is a very nice program, however I plan on having my program run zenity then xmessage if zenity can't be executed. The whole world does not use Gnome (even as good as it is).

05 Feb 2003 02:47 rossyb

What a rocking program, much better than gdialog. The easter egg is teh suck too....


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