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ZEngine is a cross-platform 2D API which uses a combination of OpenGL and SDL to provide speed and functionality as well as portability. The library can be used on any platform SDL supports, but for full functionality requires OpenGL and several SDL extension libraries. A class-based design allows the easy management of resources and makes learning the API easy, allowing more time to be spent on the development of the actual game than learning of various APIs. Current development platforms are Windows and Linux, but ZEngine is reported to work on similar operating systems (like OSX), and help is available for anyone porting to any platform.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 Oct 2003 03:54

    Release Notes: To help Windows developers that may be hurt by the removal of VC6, Dev-C++ project files have been added. On Linux, the build system has been improved. The SDL-only backend option has returned. Two new ZImage features were added: the ability to draw with shading options and the ability to specify a clipping rectangle. ZImage, ZSound, and ZFont are now able to load from a zip archive via the included zlib library. Several other features have been added, and some small bugs have been fixed.


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    Project Spotlight

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