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Zee is an experimental lightweight editor and programming environment.

Recent releases

  •  26 Jul 2006 05:09

    Release Notes: This release brings the code base down to 5k LOC, replaces GNU regex with PCRE, fixes a lot of bugs, removes more unnecessary features, and adds a fast tree-based string implementation that will allow significant further simplification. This code may be considered alpha quality.

    •  12 Feb 2006 08:32

      Release Notes: Zee can no longer edit multiple buffers. Most file-related functions have been removed, as has the useful but flawed sexp support. More bugs in the previous release have been fixed. The author now uses Zee on a daily basis for quick editing tasks, but does not recommend this to others: it's still alpha quality.

      •  16 Sep 2005 04:48

        Release Notes: This release continues the slimming-down process. The Lisp interpreter has been removed, replaced with a minimal configuration language. The multi-window capability has also been removed. Some bugs have been fixed and other superfluous features were removed. The code is now below 10 kSLOC, as measured with sloccount.

        •  03 Sep 2005 02:13

          Release Notes: This release fixes all known bugs and is a big step towards 1.0. The code has been cleaned up a lot, and some unwanted features removed.

          •  19 Feb 2005 20:50

            Release Notes: This is the first release of Zee. It is based on Zile, but will gradually evolve in other directions. Compared to Zile 2.0, it has lots of features removed, and a Lisp interpreter added.


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