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YSM (You Sick Me) v7 is an ICQ console client. It was originally meant to run in Linux, but it has been successfully tested in Linux, BSD, Win32, BeOS, and QNX. The client requires no extra libraries, and is written in the C language. YSM is based on the last ICQ protocol version, v7/8.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  29 Jan 2007 21:46

    Release Notes: A major bugfix related to the ability to send and receive messages. A recent protocol change had disabled the messaging functionality.

    •  25 Oct 2006 14:00

      Release Notes: ICQ protocol bugfix. Recent changes in the ICQ protocol disabled the ysmICQ client. These changes fix this.

      •  12 Feb 2006 21:20

        Release Notes: The ICQ protocol recently underwent a few changes that left most ICQ clone clients unusable. This release fixes those issues in ysmICQ, making it work again with the ICQ protocol. In addition, the previous release was mistakenly shipped with a bogus configure script. This is also fixed.

        •  02 Jan 2006 08:57

          Release Notes: Many bugfixes related to random crashes were traced down and fixed. UIN registration using ysmICQ is no longer possible, as the feature was removed. Compatiblity issues with CygWin were fixed, as were some issues related to the logging system. WINALERT support was expanded to other systems with ICONIFY/DECONIFY (tested to run on Mac OS X). Charset conversion under Win32 was improved, KOI8R users should give it a try. TAB key behavior was corrected. Slaves (ICQ users) may now have independent colors assigned. A language translation was added for CZ.

          •  10 Jul 2004 22:18

            Release Notes: Support for configurable colors was added. Your favorite color may be chosen for message bodies, nicknames on status changes, and status on status changes. Slaves cycling using the TAB key was fixed, so the cycling is now done alphabetically. A fix was made for readline, so it now looks for inputrc in the default places. A fix was made for the COMMANDSFILE setting, since commands without arguments were being ignored. A crash on the "del" or "delete" command was fixed. Fixes were made for charsets using the getline library.

            Recent comments

            28 Oct 2002 18:45 rad2k

            Re: 5 Minutes, and I'm converted...
            Well thank you too McAviti.


            28 Oct 2002 15:27 McAviti

            Re: 5 Minutes, and I'm converted...
            Yeah. For me, too.
            I've seen a lot of icq clients, but not one worked for me. To be honest (-; I'm a GUI fan using KDE, but this tool really rocks. Whenever I want to show a newbie how easy it is to install new software from source I'll take YSM.
            Best of both worlds. Always on top, simply works, no fuss.

            03 Sep 2002 13:50 rad2k

            Re: 5 Minutes, and I'm converted...

            thank you.

            03 Sep 2002 13:28 vofka

            5 Minutes, and I'm converted...
            I've been looking for a Decent ICQ Client for Linux for A long time, and now I've found it...

            5 Minutes of using this baby, and I'm hooked... Fantastic work...

            Could do with SMS Support, but that's not vital... Great project... It's hard to describe - kinda' like ICQ via a MUSH/MUD type interface... Very cool, very fast...

            26 May 2002 08:04 dalecorp

            YSM Information Requests
            Mr rad2k,

            YSM is an excellent piece of software, I was wondering if it would be possible to be able to request more user information.
            Like ASL would really come in useful when chatting to people.

            Job well done, keep up the brilliant work.


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