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15 Nov 2009 06:50 yoxel

Here is the link:

15 Nov 2009 06:49 yoxel

New personal productivity solution<a href=""> Personal Commitment Manager (PCM)</a> is available for download! This is a desktop application that takes your project related email under control and enables de-centralized commitment based project managment.

01 Oct 2007 16:13 yoxel

Demo accounts
A few demo accounts are available at where you can login and see the portal in action and experiment with it.

27 Aug 2007 14:18 yoxel

Agile Product Management with Yoxel

A very pleasant surprise, our project was covered by issue #7 of o3 magazine (

This issue looks at Agile Product Management and applying Agile concepts to your business: customer support, software projects, IT projects, and sales.


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