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23 Dec 2010 14:08 jazernorth

Current version 2010.12.09 does not work with Python 3.1.

It does though work great with Python 2.6.

Great job. I've been using for years and love it. Thanks!

13 Mar 2010 19:56 dAm2K

Thank you!! This is a great piece of software! It works like a sharm!!!!!!!!!!!

14 May 2009 07:36 shlomif

youtube-dl is a very handy program to download videos from YouTube. It's proven very useful for me, and I'm using it often. Highly recommended.

12 May 2009 08:43 barsnick

Thank you for 2009.05.11 and the return of the -b option! -f was slightly annoying.

02 Apr 2009 16:39 cjm6

Sorry to bother you. I have been using Youtube-dl for a project but can't see to find a way to get it to do an exact phrase search. "ytsearchall:Dog eat Cat" --get-url --format=18. I would like to generate the same search query as if going to YouTube and typing in "Dog eat Cat" including the speech marks to make it an exact phrase match. I have tried numerous ways but don't end up with the right results. Could you possible post the solution. Love the program by the way!

18 Feb 2008 06:41 amboar

Target download directory and multiple download URLs

I've written a couple of patches - one adds -d and --directory options to specify a target directory for the the download(s). The other patch allows multiple youtube links to be given as arguments to the script

Target directory patch: (

Multiple link patch: (

Combination patch (as they'll probably conflict due to the large amount of indentation in the multi-link patch): (http://arienh/misc/youtube-dl/youtube-dl-multi-url-and-dir.patch)

Patches were made against the 2008.01.24 release

29 Jan 2008 17:36 umeboshi

patch to encode flv to mpeg
This textarea entry seems to break the patch. I've emailed

you through fm, and that textarea is the same. Contact me

for proper patch. My freshmeat email needs updating. Don't

use it. I left my current email in other message.

--- youtube-dl 2008-01-29

19:14:00.000000000 -0600

+++ 2008-01-29

19:15:00.000000000 -0600

@@ -37,6 +37,7 @@

import sys

import time

import urllib2

+import subprocess

# Global constants

const_1k = 1024

@@ -210,6 +211,8 @@

cmdl_parser.add_option('-n', '--netrc',

action='store_true', dest='use_netrc',

help='use .netrc authentication data')

cmdl_parser.add_option('-g', '--get-url',

action='store_true', dest='get_url', help='print final

video URL only')

cmdl_parser.add_option('-2', '--title-too',

action='store_true', dest='get_title', help='used

with -g, print title too')

+cmdl_parser.add_option('-e', '--encode',

action='store_true', dest='encode', help='encode

video to mpeg')

+cmdl_parser.add_option('-k', '--keep-flv',

action='store_true', dest='keep_flv', help='keep

original flv when encoding mpeg')

(cmdl_opts, cmdl_args) = cmdl_parser.parse_args()

# Set socket timeout

@@ -383,5 +386,30 @@

except KeyboardInterrupt:


+# encode with ffmpeg

+if cmdl_opts.encode:

+ cond_print("encoding video to mpeg")

+ # this if statement needs to be fixed for


+ if'which','ffmpeg'),

stdout=file(os.devnull, 'w')):

+ sys.exit('Error: ffmpeg is needed to

encode to mpeg')

+ video_filename_root = video_filename

+ # chop .flv extension, if there

+ if video_filename.endswith('.flv'):

+ video_filename_root =


+ cmd = ('ffmpeg', '-i',

video_filename, '%s.mpg' % video_filename_root)

+ stdout = None

+ if cmdl_opts.quiet:

+ stdout = file(os.devnull, 'w')

+ err =, stdout=stdout,


+ if not err:

+ cond_print("video %s encoded

successfully!\n" % video_filename)

+ if not cmdl_opts.keep_flv:

+ os.remove(video_filename)

+ else:

+ cond_print("keeping original

file %s\n" % video_filename)

+ else:

+ os.remove('%s.mpg' %


+ sys.exit("Error: This file won't encode to

mpeg, ffmpeg returned %d" % err)


# Finish



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