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youtube-dl is a small command-line program for downloading videos from

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 Aug 2011 22:09

    Release Notes: This release makes YouTube videos work again after the recent changes in that site.

    •  29 Mar 2011 18:35

      Release Notes: This release fixes a program crash that was happening with certain YouTube videos, and fixes the date extraction regular expression in YouTube.

      •  25 Feb 2011 19:19

        Release Notes: This release adds support for Facebook videos, improves support for YouTube playlists, and adds support for YouTube artist playlists. A new option, --extract-audio, has been added to convert video files to audio-only files using ffmpeg. A few minor bugs have been fixed.

        •  30 Jan 2011 12:08

          Release Notes: This release fixes the existing problem with Dailymotion support, and adds suport for downloading all videos uploaded by a given YouTube user. The program now requires Python 2.5. In addition, several minor bugs have been fixed and a few minor features have been added.

          •  09 Dec 2010 18:41

            Release Notes: This release fixes support for YouTube after the recent site changes that broke the program. In addition, it adds support for, fixes a few minor bugs, and adds a few minor features.

            Recent comments

            23 Dec 2010 14:08 jazernorth

            Current version 2010.12.09 does not work with Python 3.1.

            It does though work great with Python 2.6.

            Great job. I've been using for years and love it. Thanks!

            13 Mar 2010 19:56 dAm2K

            Thank you!! This is a great piece of software! It works like a sharm!!!!!!!!!!!

            14 May 2009 07:36 shlomif

            youtube-dl is a very handy program to download videos from YouTube. It's proven very useful for me, and I'm using it often. Highly recommended.

            12 May 2009 08:43 barsnick

            Thank you for 2009.05.11 and the return of the -b option! -f was slightly annoying.

            02 Apr 2009 16:39 cjm6

            Sorry to bother you. I have been using Youtube-dl for a project but can't see to find a way to get it to do an exact phrase search. "ytsearchall:Dog eat Cat" --get-url --format=18. I would like to generate the same search query as if going to YouTube and typing in "Dog eat Cat" including the speech marks to make it an exact phrase match. I have tried numerous ways but don't end up with the right results. Could you possible post the solution. Love the program by the way!


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